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Hola familias,

There’s 5th Grade HOMEWORK to: Study/practice!

Study/practice what? Students will need to write two sentences IN SPANISH about a friend or family member using vocabulary learned in the unit (which they used writing paragraphs).

Also, using that vocabulary, students will need to say the following:

  • Give a friend’s name using “Se llama…”
  • Describe their own hair color (Yo tengo pelo ______.)
  • Say something they like (i.e.; a color, an animal, a sport, etc.), [using “me gusta” or “me gustan” correctly]
  • Describe a family member or friend using an adjective/personality trait (Example: Mi papá es alto.)

Third, students will need to share something about their family life that’s different, and something that’s similar to family life in a Spanish-speaking country. (Examples: similar= we both like soccer or watching other sports; we both have famous monuments &/or architecture…different= a big lunch and little “siesta” [nap] in the middle of the day during which many families go home, going to school either in the AM or PM, etc.)

Last, it would be beneficial, but is not required for students to review the following words: triste, feliz, enojado(a), enfermo(a), cansado(a), and nervioso(a).

Students have 3 or more papers from which they may study that I sent home with them, and they may also use the following link:


ASSESSMENT DATES (students have known since last week):

Thomas: Wednesday, March 20 

O’Rourke: Friday, March 23

Pardington: Monday, March 26


*Last, the office sent out a sign up for my conferences almost 2 weeks ago, but if you haven’t signed up and would like to meet, here is the link to do so:


Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask.


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