Spanish test- 5th Grade @ Beverly

Hola familias,

Students have completed mini- projects on “LA COMUNIDAD” (the community) & will bring them home to study from (and/or add more design to it, if desired).


HOMEWORK: STUDY! (They may use their project, vocab sheet &/or flashcards to do so, &/or watch the videos posted at:

Students may also click on the following review game:

What do students need to know?

-names for places in the community,

-how to say a time,

–how to write, read, and comprehend sentences about places and prepositions, for example: Mi casa está cerca del parque. (My house is close to the park.)

-Last, they should be able to explain the significance of a plaza in a Spanish-speaking country (as a gathering place).




Thomas- Thursday, May 24 (they’ve known about since last week)

O’Rourke AND Pardington – Wednesday, May 30 (they were told today)



Muchas gracias,

Señorita Kelly

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