Modern Day Propaganda

Propaganda during the Cold War war used as a weapon to convince people what their government was doing was justified. Of course todays propaganda is different from propaganda years ago because the current events are much different. Nevertheless  the ideals of propaganda still remains the same, that is to push an idea onto somebody while only justifying it with the bias information given. Propaganda in the modern world may not be as strong but it is even more prevalent.The film, Soviet Propaganda Machine, shows how the Soviet Union used propaganda to rewrite history books and suddenly the Soviet Union had invented everything. In the other photo shown below the caption states “Glory conquerer of space!” While the soviets were the first to reach the edge of the atmosphere they did not conquer space they never truly made it out of the atmosphere.The second image I found is an illustration of what is going on right now with the conflict in the Middle East, from the Palestinian viewpoint. Palestinians are being controlled by their own government, and are not getting the chance to see the whole story of what is going on in the Israel as well as in Palestine.


Flex Day of Service

One of the main mottos for Flex is “were more than just a class were a community.” After participation in the Flex Day of Culture it was nice to finally see the aspect of community.This day of culture was brought into the schedule because todays way of educating students lacks the presence of service learning.Taking a step back from todays modern teaching methods to help out in my community was a very heartwarming and influential way of learning.What I did to help bring my community closer was cleaning up the Flex community garden. When we had first arrived all of the flowers and vegetable plants we planted were dead. We started by weeding the flower beds. Next we sifted the soil at brought out the roots. Finally we took the weeds the curd to be composted.Ever since I was a child I had always enjoy building flower beds and sifting through dirt with my dad. Five years ago we took on the task to renovate the community garden at BCS (Birmingham Covington school) and to was a very pleasurable experience.Helping out In the community was a great way to learn and a heartwarming experience.Looking back on how The Flex Day of Service went I think it was a great success.These acts of kindness are one of the most important aspects to being successful.

“The Vocabulary of Culture” Observations

When I was first given the role to act as Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster and survey the interactions between the people as he/it would see it would I was very skeptical, at first. My observations began on Thursday the 11th of September and the location was at a Seaholm Mens Varsity Soccer game. This location worked out perfectly for me because I had a variable crowd, consisting of an older group of Parents and a younger group of students from Seaholm and Rochester Adams. Because I was lucky enough to find such an irregular crowd I noticed a lot of different primary message systems in use. One of the main ones that I saw was the PMS, territoriality. What I noticed was that there were four main groups of people consisting of similarities. People sorted themselves by two main factors age separation (temporality) and team they were rooting for. What I found interesting about the territoriality of the fans was that bisexuality, another PMS, was a reason of why different sexes sat together. For Example in the student sections the girls sat with the girls and the guys sat with the guys, but in the section where the adults sit the people sat in pairs of different sexes. After observing these groups and seeing that the people separate themselves in different categories we can come to the conclusion that many of the adults are just parents coming to watch their kids. In the student section the kids are just there to have a good time and are looking to sit with their friends, not mingle. Since this was a sporting activity play and defense were commonly found PMS. I found these interactions on the field, on many occasions. The role of defense was shown by the referee, in this specific occasion he made a bad call and one of the players got in his face about it. Naturally he responded my backing up quickly and giving the player a yellow card and sending him off of the field. It is part of the human nature to speak the common languages of culture because this vocabulary of culture is what has kept the human population alive for hundreds of thousands of years.

Stephen Crane Poetry Analysis Assignment (FLEXO)

For the past few weeks I have been studying the fantastic American Poet, Stephen Crane. For this assignment you will need to analyze one of Crane’s most famous poems “Fast Rode the Knight” and write a short essay on how the poem relates to a broader life concept. In order do do this you will first need to analyze the poem. Here is a document that will help you analyze the poem. Analysis Formatting Tool Crane Analysis.pages After you have filled out your focus statement at the bottom write a short essay on your broader life concept.

Child Labor Gallery Walk

Of the many stories and photos depicting child labor in America, it seems to be a lopsided battle. The side of the factory workers is the more accurate depiction of what really went on in the Industrial Revolution era. Luis Hines photos is what made me pick the side of the workers. In his numerous photo’s he shows the hard life of being a child laborer. My reaction to his photo’s was very shocking. I was shocked in the way that the children worked at the mines and in factories.  They were always dirty and they were never wearing the proper protection needed for the job, especially when it comes to the extremely dangerous  job of mining. The image that was most impactful to me was the picture of about 50 boys that worked in Pennsylvania mining coal. This picture shows how little extra care the children got and how much they were treated as adults. Progressive era reformers would have noticed how terrible the working conditions were and most likely would have taken action to stop the horrible conditions.

The Better Way to Improve your Understandings

Throughout the year I have realized how big of a role cognitive rigor is, in the way that I am being taught. Majority of my classes are being taught under the knowledge category. The teaching methods for these courses are mostly giving the students key phrases and ideas to memorize. I think that most teachers are starting to realize that this is not the best way for people to learn. My classes are mostly an even split on the level of difficulty processing information. The non-honors classes seem to be at the knowledge level while the honors courses are at the Application level. My classes are teaching me at this decently high level because they need to appeal to everyone and it is hard to bring every student to the same learning level.

One assignment that I had to do was this year in Mr. Steins Problem Based Learning elective. The entire premise of the course is to synthesize a problem in our society and create a solution. This brought the learning rigor up to the synthesis level. I know that I am at this level of rigor because I generated ideas by understanding the information that was researched and used these ideas to “hopefully” create a physical object. The process that I have gone through shows that I have used all of the rigor levels except evaluation; “Knowledge, Comprehension, Application and Analysis.”

Blooms Taxonomy will help me retain information or study for an exam because the blooms in practice document gives me a plan to learn information. The six questions that the document gives me;

How do I know I have reached this level?

What do I do at this level?

How will the teacher know I am at this level?

What does the teacher do at this level?

What are typical ways I can demonstrate my knowledge?

What are typical work products?

What are descriptive ‘process’ verbs?

will guide me to realize what level of information I need to strive for and what I am currently at. For example if I was to study for my upcoming biology test I would first learn the concepts at a knowledge rigor. Then understand how they really work and apply them to the real world at a comprehension and application rigor. Lastly further understand, create and “appreciate” the concepts to get all the way up to a Evaluation level. While this process may be a very useful tool it is very extreme. Blooms Taxonomy maybe a time-consuming way to study but I assure you it will pay off.

How I learn and How I Can Improve on Learning

Have you ever had trouble studying for a test and you just cannot concentrate? It may not be your  intelligence in the subject. It may just be how you are learning. When I was in fifth grade at Birmingham Covington School, I remember very often having trouble following directions. I get off track very easily but because I was a kinesthetic learner. There are three main different types of  learning styles; visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. The visual learning style is when someone gains knowledge best through seeing the information. Auditory learning is when someone learns best through hearing information. Lastly kinesthetic learning is when someone learns best through physically doing the information. In this post I’ll be telling you how finding your learning style can help you do better in school.

To find out how I learned best I took a survey that shows whether I am a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner. After taking a series of over 200 questions, I found out that I am mostly a kinesthetic learner. What the survey showed me is that I am 40% kinesthetic, 32% visual and 28% auditory. This means that from now on I should be studying in a physical way. If I do something physical for a little while before I study, than I will most likely process the information more thoroughly.

To help me study and learn better there are many things I can do. One thing that I can do is cut my readings down to smaller chunks and read one section at a time. Between the chunks I should analyze what it is about and find key patterns and topics. This will help me because sometimes I tend to drift my focus off to another thing and get off track. Another way that I can better my studying habits is to take brief breaks between sections to get up and move around.

Although this survey has been very helpful, it does not tell the whole story. The survey does not show me how I will learn better in the future. Four years ago I took a survey that was very similar to this one and they both showed how I learn. The past survey showed that I was in the 50th to 60th percentile as a kinesthetic learner and in the 20th to 25th percentile in the visual and auditorial category. This shows me that as I am maturing, my learning style is increasing in the visual and auditorial category. So, in a few years I will become a complete visual learner.


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