The Better Way to Improve your Understandings

Throughout the year I have realized how big of a role cognitive rigor is, in the way that I am being taught. Majority of my classes are being taught under the knowledge category. The teaching methods for these courses are mostly giving the students key phrases and ideas to memorize. I think that most teachers are starting to realize that this is not the best way for people to learn. My classes are mostly an even split on the level of difficulty processing information. The non-honors classes seem to be at the knowledge level while the honors courses are at the Application level. My classes are teaching me at this decently high level because they need to appeal to everyone and it is hard to bring every student to the same learning level.

One assignment that I had to do was this year in Mr. Steins Problem Based Learning elective. The entire premise of the course is to synthesize a problem in our society and create a solution. This brought the learning rigor up to the synthesis level. I know that I am at this level of rigor because I generated ideas by understanding the information that was researched and used these ideas to “hopefully” create a physical object. The process that I have gone through shows that I have used all of the rigor levels except evaluation; “Knowledge, Comprehension, Application and Analysis.”

Blooms Taxonomy will help me retain information or study for an exam because the blooms in practice document gives me a plan to learn information. The six questions that the document gives me;

How do I know I have reached this level?

What do I do at this level?

How will the teacher know I am at this level?

What does the teacher do at this level?

What are typical ways I can demonstrate my knowledge?

What are typical work products?

What are descriptive ‘process’ verbs?

will guide me to realize what level of information I need to strive for and what I am currently at. For example if I was to study for my upcoming biology test I would first learn the concepts at a knowledge rigor. Then understand how they really work and apply them to the real world at a comprehension and application rigor. Lastly further understand, create and “appreciate” the concepts to get all the way up to a Evaluation level. While this process may be a very useful tool it is very extreme. Blooms Taxonomy maybe a time-consuming way to study but I assure you it will pay off.

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