Flex Day of Service

One of the main mottos for Flex is “were more than just a class were a community.” After participation in the Flex Day of Culture it was nice to finally see the aspect of community.This day of culture was brought into the schedule because todays way of educating students lacks the presence of service learning.Taking a step back from todays modern teaching methods to help out in my community was a very heartwarming and influential way of learning.What I did to help bring my community closer was cleaning up the Flex community garden. When we had first arrived all of the flowers and vegetable plants we planted were dead. We started by weeding the flower beds. Next we sifted the soil at brought out the roots. Finally we took the weeds the curd to be composted.Ever since I was a child I had always enjoy building flower beds and sifting through dirt with my dad. Five years ago we took on the task to renovate the community garden at BCS (Birmingham Covington school) and to was a very pleasurable experience.Helping out In the community was a great way to learn and a heartwarming experience.Looking back on how The Flex Day of Service went I think it was a great success.These acts of kindness are one of the most important aspects to being successful.

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