Modern Day Propaganda

Propaganda during the Cold War war used as a weapon to convince people what their government was doing was justified. Of course todays propaganda is different from propaganda years ago because the current events are much different. Nevertheless  the ideals of propaganda still remains the same, that is to push an idea onto somebody while only justifying it with the bias information given. Propaganda in the modern world may not be as strong but it is even more prevalent.The film, Soviet Propaganda Machine, shows how the Soviet Union used propaganda to rewrite history books and suddenly the Soviet Union had invented everything. In the other photo shown below the caption states “Glory conquerer of space!” While the soviets were the first to reach the edge of the atmosphere they did not conquer space they never truly made it out of the atmosphere.The second image I found is an illustration of what is going on right now with the conflict in the Middle East, from the Palestinian viewpoint. Palestinians are being controlled by their own government, and are not getting the chance to see the whole story of what is going on in the Israel as well as in Palestine.


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