The Southeast Geography

We’re Finally here! The Southeast!

I can’t wait to see all of the great places like the Appalchian Moutains! But let’sget to know some history. The Southeast is were they imported black slaves to America. I think we all know that the Southeast has Twelve States in it.  Now lets see all the amazing sites on our tour.  Get your popcorn and sit down you’re going to like the Southeast. First lets go to the Everglades. The Everglades is a vast area of swamp, savanna. A swamp is a low leveled land covered with water which also has lily pads. A savanna is a land full of trees and grass just nature’s normal  inventory. The Everglades National Park have wonderful animals like Alligators, Turtles, Deer, Bobcats and etc.  The park now is very peaceful and calm but in 1992 was when Hurricane Andrew hit southern Florida. It was a massive storm that killed part of Florida tourist and the people that live there. A Hurricane is a storm that builds up over water and travels it’s way to land. 

Now let’s visit Cape Canaveral! Florida is in a part of the United States called the Sunbelt. The Sunbelt stretches across the country from  Florida to California. Cape Carnival is a wonderful place for animals and people because there’s Swamps and Savannas as I said earlier. Don’t you want to see John F. Kennedy Space Center and its still at Cape Carnival!  Visitors to the Kennedy Space Center learn all about space exploration. They may even see a rocket blast off into space!

What a long trip but not over we are now in Virginia! In the spring of 1607, settlers from England chose this spot of James River to build a colony. John Smith, one of their leaders, called it “a very fit place” Wrong! it had mosquitoes everywhere it was so very hard to raise crops. but in 1612 things got a lot better. The colonist found a crop that grew well in this area. It was Tobacco. Virginia tobacco sold well in England. The colony made money. It was an amazing expreience for England because they learned that you can’t only grow one crop.  

Lets travel all the way to… APPALACHIA! This mountain chain is located at the southern part of the Appalachian Mountains. It’s also the place were they find minerals. Appalachia has no exact borders. It covers most of West Virginia and other areas. Appalachia is too hilly for farming but amazing for find minerals and coal. They use the coal to make fire and electricity. Now we can take the boat too see Memphis, Tennessee one musical state indeed. Memphis is in the center of the Mississippi Delta region. A delta is a triangle shape at the end of a river.

in 1912, an African American songwriter in Memphis wrote the first popular blues song. Now that’s a state with talent  it should be in State Got Talent! TIME TO GO TO NEW ORLEANS! New Orleans is the largest city in Louisiana. French Colonists built this city I wonder how long it took!! New Orleans is also the birthplace of jazz. Like I said earlier that’s one musical city. In the 1700’s French colonists from Canada settled along Louisiana bayou’s. A bayou is water flowing down swampy areas.  

Speaking of water let’s go see the….. Gulf Coast! Near the Gulf Coast are oil workers. Oil can harm fishes,ducks,sharks, and etc. Mostly water animals. Oil is found underground underwater pretty neat right? Oil workers build big platforms called rigs. Rig’s help the Oil workers get oil from deep underwater. You may think finding Oil is easy breezy but it can be really hard at times.  Now we only have two more stops of the Southeast tour so let’s hop on the boat and take off. Now we have to take a bus to Natchez, Mississippi. Natchez is a good plantation home. Plantation means a large farm sometimes used to only grow one crop. In the early 1800’s that’s was when cotton was at the top of the list for growing crops. Many people because rich over cotton some didn’t. In the mid 1800’s many planters wanted to grow a new crop I mean do you want to keep growing the same crop everyday? But they need new helpers/workers so they had slaves from sooner or later slaves began to spread about all over america that’s straight brutal. Sense they had more helpers they were able to grow the crops. Many people didn’t want slavery to spread all over  but it had already started. No one knew who had the right to do this people got really confused and still continued slavery. Later on it took war to answer the question. North and South, Americans fought the American Civil War for four long ,dreadful years. One good came out of this war slavery had ended. We will get on the bus for our last part of the Southeast. We are now back at Alabama. Montgomery, Alabama to be exact. This memorial honors 40 Americans who were killed during the civil rights movement. After civil war Blacks, and South’s were free! they were treated equally the same.  At the time segregation became a way of life. Segregation is the separation between race,religion or gender either way we’re all the same. You can’t treat someone diffrent from someone else that may show that you disrespect their race,religion or gender. In 1995 was when Martin Luther King Jr. changed the world we live in. Now blacks/whites can sit where ever they want to on the bus, go to any school they want, and most of all..NO MORE SLAVES. Now that our trip is over I hope you learned a lot even though I had some help this was truly a lot. Even i learn something, something really special. The Southeast States in one contry that can hold both me and you just enough room.


Mr. Hershey had a significent influence on life in the Northeast.  Milton went to many states trying to find out how to make his candy better and have sucsess in his work.  The ingredients that made his buissness booming was chocolate he found in California.  Now Milton went back to Pennslyviana and tried once again and it was a sucess! Now he used the Erie Canal to move his Hersheys from state to state.


Northeast effects my life in Michigan because if Milton Hershey didn’t make Hershey bars and Hershey Kisses then I wouldn’t have a Hershey.  We wouldn’t have an Erie Canal so Milton could deliver Hersheys to Michigan.


Hey lets view the Northeast and see whats up!.Most people that live in big cities have to live in apartments which can hold at least 6 families possibly more but when you live in a house you have to take care of your responsibilitys like mowing the lawn a shoveling snow off the drive way if you live in an apartment you can count on someone that lives in your apartment to mow the lawn and shovel the snow. People who live in the big cities have a lot of options for jobs like resturants, offices and stores. People who live in small towns don’t have a lot of oppertunitys for jobs mostly they work at farms and some green houses. Most people that live in small towns drive a lot because most of the time there’s no traffic and parking is usually free. People who live in big cities usually call a cab or ride a bike. In big cities have a lot of pollution because there’s more people and they throw their trash or it falls on the ground. In small cities there’s pollution but not a lot because there’s not a lot of people to be driving cars, making factories and littering like in big cities. The Northeast is a wonderful part of the USA that has people from all over the globe you can go hiking, fishing, ice skating or go to a movie and many more.



We are going to look around Massachusetts and see all the great sites! Hope you like it!

Plymouth, Massachusetts- After 1620’s people carved into what people called “the rock” it stands for the faith of the pilgrms to stand up for themselves.
The Pilgrms didn’t like that the king was bossing them around so they rode the Mayflower to new land they made laws so noone would get hurt. Marry Chilton was the first woman to exit the Mayflower, set foot on Plymouth.
For people to get on the new land, they had to sign a paper called the “Mayflower Compact”.
Benjamin Frankln’s wife was angry because woman couldn’t vote so Ben proposed a law so woman can vote. But the men didn’t agree.

Boston, Massachusetts- The Boston Common is a huge national park where I would play in the frog pond and if it was winter I would Ice Skate.
The Park Street Church was built in 1809.  They stored gun powder in the basement it is still here today.
On the Black Herritage Trail you can see the Philips School. At the Philips School , it was the first school to allow black & white boys together.

Northeast Geography

Howdy, I am going to tell you about the Northeast States. I know I never been to any Northeast State. I find them quite intretsting. Moutains make up a large area of the Northeast region-Six separate mountain ranges.   There are Eleven States in the Northeast region.  They all have different sized population too! I would love to visit New York again.I remember seeing all of the amazing skysrapers, and looking at the Hudson River drift threw the river into the ocean. There are more than eight-millon people in New York City. It is the most popular state in America. New York City has always been a city of immigrants. The Dutch were the first Europeans  to settle here. People from other parts of Europe and Africa followed. Together, they made New York City a city of many cultures, or ways of life. Today, people still come to New York City from all over the world. Just liten to people talking on the streets. You will hear English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Hebrew, Italian, Korean, and many other languages. Are you wonering how New York City finds room for all of these people? The answer is up in the air! A hundred years ag0, New Yorkers began building skysrapers. People live and work in these very tall buildings. The Empire State Builing is one of New York City’s most famous skysrapers. Vistors can go to the very top of the building and look out at the view. You could climb the 1,860 stairs. But I suggest that you take the elevator. Well I go to go. See you at Boston!

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