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Author Visit - Marc Tyler Nobleman
Beverly students welcomed author Marc Tyler Nobleman to our school.  A big thank you to the BEF for providing us with this opportunity! If you want to see more of this author, come to the Baldwin Library on Thursday, September 27.  He will be pres (More)
Christian Robinson Illustrator Visit
Beverly students had the opportunity to meet Christian Robinson, an award-winning illustrator!  Mr. Robinson read us a book, told us about illustrating, and demonstrated how to draw some animals for us.  Thank you to the BEF for funding this incredib (More)
All For Books
Thank you to all of our fantastic book fair volunteers!  We couldn't have book fairs without you! Another thank you to everyone who donated to the All For Books Challenge!  With the money we raised, the media center was able to purchase all of the (More)
Spring 2017 Book Fair
Thanks for joining us for the Spring Book Fair!  Your generous donations to All For Books resulted in the purchase of all of these books for the media center!  Scholastic will also match your donations and donate that amount so children in need. A (More)
Coding in the Media Center
Kindergarten and second grade students had the opportunity to participate in coding activities during Computer Science Education Week!  During media, students learned about the work of computer programmers.  They were also able to practice writing th (More)
Fall Book Fair
A huge thank you to all of the book fair volunteers that made the book fair such a success! Thank you also for all of the All for Books donations!  With the money we raised, we were able to purchase all of these books! More)
Summer Reading 2016
Librarians from Baldwin Public Library came to Beverly last week to tell students about all of the fun activities taking p (More)
March Book Fair
Visit the March Book Fair! Tuesday, March 22 4:00-6:00 Wednesday, March 23 3:30-8:00 Thursday, March 24 12:00-8:00 Can't make it to the fair? Check out the online book fair! Books will be shipped to the school for free. More)
Fall Book Fair
Thank you for visiting the fall book fair!  A special thanks to all of the volunteers who helped make the book fair possible! Your generous All For Books donations made it possible for the media center to buy the books in the photo below.  Thank y (More)
Fall Book Fair
The Fall Book Fair will be here the week of conferences. Please come visit us at the fair! If you are unable to make it to the school during the book fair hours, you can visit our online fair. There is an even larger selection of books that will be s (More)
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