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El treinta de mayo
7th/8th @ BCS Review study guide and correct answers >>Final Study Guide Tarea:  Study for final next Tues and Thurs using theMore)
El veintiocho de mayo
7th/8th @ BCS Mira estes videos: (More)
El veintitres de mayo
7th/8th @ BCS Preterite Videos: (More)
El catorce de mayo
7th / 8th @ BCS Review "más que, menos que" Test corrections (5 point assignment) Irregular yo form verbs >>Yo Form Irregulars Creat (More)
El nueve de mayo
7th/8th @ BCS Watch the following video and fill out the worksheet: >>masmenosWS (More)
El tres de mayo
7th/8th @ BCS Actividades en la computadora Tarjetas de vocabulario More)
El dos de mayo
7th/8th @ BCS Review for Unit 4 Test on Tues Study guide with answers: >>Unit 4 review answers More)
El veinticinco de abril
7th/8th @ BCS Decribe the photo using the present progressive:  presentprogressivepracticepicture Escribe, dibuja, pasa (Write, (More)
El diecinueve de abril
7th/8th @ BCS Open wordreference in it's own tab Choose one of the following videos.  Watch only 3 minutes and write a 7 sentence story about it.  You will need to include at least 3 p (More)
El dieciocho de abril
7th/8th @ BCS Practice direct object pronouns >>Online notes Go fish with DOPs No hay tarea (More)
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