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El treinta de mayo
8th @ Berkshire Continue to review study guide Correct answers Clicker review questions Tarea: Continue to study for final next Wed, Thurs, and following Mon. using the More)
El veintiuno de mayo
Quiz Finish timeline Tarea: Conditional Tense Video and WS Conditional Intro W/S (More)
El veinte de mayo
8th @ Berkshire Línea de tiempo Tarea: Study for vocab quiz tomorrow >>More)
El dieciseis de mayo
8th @ Berkshire El salon de computadoras Haz las actividades siguients: 1.  Tarjetas 2.More)
El catorce de mayo
8th @ Berkshire Partner practice with future tense Elefantes game Tarea:  Take a half page of notes on the following video: Tarjetas de vocabular (More)
El diez de mayo
8th @ Berkshire El tiempo futuro: (More)
El ocho de mayo
8th @ Berkshire Salón de computadoras: Complete the following exercises to help you practice the differences between preterite and imperfect. (More)
El siete de mayo
8th @ Berkshire Review for Preterite/Imperfect test Tarea: Continue to study worksheets and online activities in last week's post. (More)
El dos de mayo
8th @ Berkshire Finish "Cuando era niño" project and save in my T-drive folder When finished practice Preterite/Imperfect for test next Thurday: >>SuperhombreMore)
El veinticinco de abril
8th @ Berkshire Today we began the "Cuando era niño" project where we will be interviewing various teachers at Berkshire about their childhood.  Guidlines are below: More)
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