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For what it is worth!
Hello to everyone who reads this blog.  Which, is about 10 or so people!  I hope all is relatively well with you.  Today I collected the CERS argumentative writing prompt from those that did not turn them in on Friday.  They were due today and I will (More)
We started Chapter 3 on Canada today!
Today all classes began chapter three on Canada today, which started with an introduction on the incredible diversity of the physical geography of Canada.  This diversity leads people in Canada to live very different lifestyles based on which provinc (More)
Finished working on the Canada and the United States Mapping Lab!
Students worked on the remainder of their Canada and the United States Mapping Labs.  Many students were able to finish the entire packet and turn it in, however there were also many who did not.  Those students will need to finish it at home this ev (More)
Tomorrow we play Jeopardy Review to prepare for first test on Wednesday!
Hello and good evening.  Today we spent time reviewing three more of the thematic maps.  These included the climate zone map, vegetation zone map, and population density map.  We read pages 30 through 35 in the textbook, as well as completing pages 1 (More)
Geography Terms due today and graded!
Today I collected all of the students Interactive Student Notebooks so I could grade the chapter two geography terms on pages 10 & 11.  Please check PowerSchool to see your child's grade.  Many students lost points due to not following directions (More)
Students received Study Guide for chapter 1 & 2 test!
Hello all.  I hope you are having a great day.  I wanted to let you know that today the students received a copy of the chapter 1 & 2 study guide.  This does not mean that we will have a test this week, it only means that I wanted to make sure th (More)
Happy 1st weekend & happy first real homework assignment!
Hello all.  I hope you had a nice and relaxing weekend.  On Friday, we started our first chapter of study, which is a basic introduction into geography.  More specifically we will look at how geographers show information on a map.  Students will get (More)
Started Chapter 33 on what makes Australia unique!
Today the students read pages 467 through 479 in their textbooks.  This gave them a very basic understanding of Australia and its very unique geographic setting.  Why unique?  Australia is the direct result of the breaking apart of tectonic plat (More)
We were able to just about finish with the chapter on China!
Today we worked our way through the three plans that China implemented to help alleviate the following three problems: Slowing down population growth Implementing the one-child policy Providing cleaner energy  Building the largest hyd (More)
Check out what we did in class today!
Today we started looking at the three plans that China used to help alleviate their problems with a growing population.  The first plan was to slow population growth.  To accomplish thisChina implemented the one-child policy.  This would reward coupl (More)
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