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Collected Interactive Student Notebooks today for scoring!
Today I collected each all of the Interactive Student Notebooks to scored pages 71 & 72, which were related to our classroom activity from Monday.  If you notice that your student has a missing grade due to being absent, please remind them that i (More)
Happy Wednesday!
Hello all.  I hope all is well with you and yours.  I wanted to let you know that today I reversed the lessons from yesterday for all classes.  1st and 2nd hour did today what 4th, 5th, and 6th hour did yesterday, while 4th, 5th, and 6th hour did wha (More)
Long time, no communication!
I want to apologize for being out of the loop and not posting for the last week.  Unfortunately my computer malfunctioned and I could not get into this site due to the fact I could not remember my password.  I tried too many times and it locked me ou (More)
Urban Sprawl test date set!
Hello to all SEVEN of you who are reading this.  I wanted to let you know that I set the date for the chapter five Urban Sprawl test.  The test will be on Monday November 13th.  I am aware that several students will be gone from this Wednesday throug (More)
Continued working on Urban Sprawl!
Today students continued to look at how Urban Sprawl has both a positive and negative effect on people and the environment.  Students will now focus on three different cities in North American that have had to deal with Urban Sprawl.  These cities ar (More)
Happy Halloween to you all! Safe trick or treating!
Today I collected all of the student's Interactive Student Notebooks to score their geography terms on page 41.  As you know, I like to check the ISN's on a regular basis to make sure that students are doing the work that I assign.  I not only look a (More)
For what it is worth!
Hello to everyone who reads this blog.  Which, is about 10 or so people!  I hope all is relatively well with you.  Today I collected the CERS argumentative writing prompt from those that did not turn them in on Friday.  They were due today and I will (More)
We started Chapter 3 on Canada today!
Today all classes began chapter three on Canada today, which started with an introduction on the incredible diversity of the physical geography of Canada.  This diversity leads people in Canada to live very different lifestyles based on which provinc (More)
Finished working on the Canada and the United States Mapping Lab!
Students worked on the remainder of their Canada and the United States Mapping Labs.  Many students were able to finish the entire packet and turn it in, however there were also many who did not.  Those students will need to finish it at home this ev (More)
Tomorrow we play Jeopardy Review to prepare for first test on Wednesday!
Hello and good evening.  Today we spent time reviewing three more of the thematic maps.  These included the climate zone map, vegetation zone map, and population density map.  We read pages 30 through 35 in the textbook, as well as completing pages 1 (More)
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