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Started Chapter 33 on what makes Australia unique!
Today the students read pages 467 through 479 in their textbooks.  This gave them a very basic understanding of Australia and its very unique geographic setting.  Why unique?  Australia is the direct result of the breaking apart of tectonic plat (More)
We were able to just about finish with the chapter on China!
Today we worked our way through the three plans that China implemented to help alleviate the following three problems: Slowing down population growth Implementing the one-child policy Providing cleaner energy  Building the largest hyd (More)
Check out what we did in class today!
Today we started looking at the three plans that China used to help alleviate their problems with a growing population.  The first plan was to slow population growth.  To accomplish thisChina implemented the one-child policy.  This would reward coupl (More)
Preview for next chapter on China!
Today the students participated in a new Kahoot, which covered our next chapter on China.  Students were introduced to information they had already known, as well as some that they did not.  We will start our China chapter tomorrow, which will requir (More)
Today we started a new chapter-The Aral Sea: Central Asia's Shrinking water source!
Today I was at a district meeting, so I had a guest teacher all day.  The guest teacher introduced the new chapter on the shrinking Aral Sea and how it is Central Asia's important water source.   Students looked at a satellite image of the Aral Sea i (More)
Quiz on chapter 24 sometime soon?
As you may have noticed, there has not been a quiz/test/assessment in quite a long time.  We have been using the end of the chapter activities as a substitute.  For the oil in Southwest Asia chapter, students will be given a quiz to assess their know (More)
Nearly ⅔ of all crude oil is located in Southwest and Central Asia!
Today we looked at how the discovery of oil in Southwest and Central Asia changed the landscape of this area.  Many of these countries went from small fishing towns in the 1950's, to some of the wealthiest places in the world.  Places like Dubai, Kuw (More)
Students worked on several pages to day about Post-Apartheid South Africa!
Just a quick update on what was done during class today.  Students did the following pages in their Interactive Student Notebook, as well as read the following pages in their textbook.  Please note that I will be doing a notebook check tomorrow for a (More)
Got into the very beginning of a post-apartheid South Africa!
Today the classes started the very beginning of chapter 23 and a post-apartheid South Africa.  We read pages 335-337 from the textbook, as a class.  We also worked through the preview activity on page 164 of the Interactive Student Notebook.  The pre (More)
Students find out their groups, or lack thereof, for the Women Micro-Enterprises brochure!
Today all classes got the opportunity to either choos (More)
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