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Finished Career Cruising today!
Most students were able to finish the work for this part of their Educational Development Plan/Career Cruising.  We put the finishing touches on their hobbies and interests, with very few issues.  Those students that were absent yesterday and/or toda (More)
Great to see and meet parents tonight at Parent-Teacher Conferences!
I want to thank all of those parents who took time out of their day to stop by and talk to me about your child.  I am always amazed as the support that Derby parents bring to nights like tonight.  If you couldn't make it tonight, no worries.  I will (More)
Matching images of Russian landscapes to physical processes!
Today students were placed into partnerships and given guidance involving activity #2, which has the students matching images of Russian landscapes to physical processes.  Each student worked with their partners to analyze and identify the 12 placard (More)
Back to work!
Hello all.  Today we got back into the regular groove of school.  Hopefully this week will be significantly boring and regular.  Today in class I had the students read from chapter 17 of their textbook.  This chapter deals with the vast and highly di (More)
Collected and scored student's Interactive Notebooks!
Today I collected all of the Interactive Notebooks from every student.  I was looking at pages 127 through 130, which include the geography terms for this chapter, along with the 3 population dilemmas I asked them to read about yesterday.  Please tak (More)
Delayed Start Tomorrow!
Just wanted to remind you that tomorrow is a delayed start day for all students.  This means that school will begin at 9:45am.  The schedule is a bit different, as each class is slightly shorter than normal.  Students will go to their 1st hour, 2nd h (More)
Chapter 15-Population Dilemmas in Europe!
Today the students started reading the first pages of chapter fifteen, beginning on page 225 through to 227.  After they finished reading, they completed the 5 geography terms on page 127 of the Interactive Student Notebook. If you were absent, pl (More)
Chapter 14 test on Friday!
I set the date for the chapter 14 test.  The test date will be this Friday February 2nd.  I passed out the study guide for the test today.  Here is a copy of the study guide if you would like to take a look.  More)
Worked in Interactive Student Notebook today!
Students worked in their textbooks and Interactive Student Notebooks today.  Students read out of chapter 14, sections 14.3, 14.4, and 14.5.  After they have finished reading these sections, worked on pages 122, 123, and 124 of their Interactive Stud (More)
Worked on Geoterms!
Today the students spent part of class on their geography terms for chapter 14, which can be found on page 120 of the Interactive Student Notebook.  Once all students finished their geography terms, I introduced the second issue of Junior Scholastic. (More)
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