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SWT June Week 1 # 1
I have been counting down the days of school since april, and now their are only 10 days left!  Then I have an action packed summer.  the first week of summer I volunteer at a camp, and then the next week my cousin from England comes to visit. Then t (More)
SWT May Week 4 # 2
I play on 2 softball teams .  A travel team and a house team.   Our house team has won 4 games and lost 2,  my travel team has lost 2, and 1 win, but that is becau (More)
SWT May Week 4 # 1
Say the color, not the word. (More)
SWT May Week 3 # 2
Today is national sunscreen day. What number S.P.F would you use if you were to travel to the sun?   how much S.P.F would you need to travel to the moon? (More)
SWT May Week 3 #1
Today is national lucky Penny day.  The other day I was at cedar point and I found 4 pennies heads up all around the park.  Over a 8 hour time period, which seams like a lot but it went by so quickly. (More)
SWT May Week 2 #2
Yesterday I was outside playing catch with my brother when I saw a little ball in the road move.  we walked over to it and we realized it was a baby raccoon in the middle of the road.  It was scared.  A few night before then My neighbors caught two a (More)
SWT May Week 2 #1
Today is national backyard games day.  In my neighborhood we always play capture the flag, baseball, pickle, football, and sometimes street hockey.  We play one of those at least every day. (More)
SWT May Week 1 #2
CEDAR POINT   Tomorrow my gade band class will be going to Cedar point to compete at a competion and then ride all of the rollar costers.  We will be playing 2 songs called fallbrook march and chisholm.  I am really excited to go to cedar (More)
SWT May Week 1 #1
Traveling!   My family and I love to travel.  Thats mostly because my mom has family in Italy and my dad has family in England.  But two years ago we went on a family reunion to Tunisia, Africa.  I have also traveled all over the caribbean (More)
SWT April Week 4 #1
This is a poem I wrote.  It is a concrete Poem. (More)
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