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Journal Prompts Tuck Everlasting
Tuck Everlasting Journal #1 1. Briefly describe the Fosters’ house and yard. How do they reflect the Fosters’ personality? It is a small cottage and there personality is just like it. 2. What does Mr. Tuck dream? What does the dream suggest abo (More)
April Book Review
Author: Rick Riordan TitleSea of Monsters First print copyright date2009 Publisher and PriceSunshine and 8.99 ISBN number0124535736 SummaryThis is about a boy who is very special and has magical powers and he is the son of Poseidon. He (More)
April Book Review
MY PLAN FOR READING Book Title: City Of Mind Author: P.D. Baccalario Number of pages, or number of chapters. Pages-286 Chapters-37 How many total days do you have to finish reading the book? 2-3 weeks How many pages a day or chapters (More)
May book review Fever, 1793
Book Title: Boys are dogs Number of pages: Pages: 234 How many total days do you have to finish the book? A month How many chapters will you have to read to finish the Book? 3 a day How long did it take to read? 3 weeks     (More)
May Book Review: Any Topic
BOOK REVIEW Katherine Hannigan Realistic Fiction Ida B 2004 Katherine Hannigan and $15.99 0-06-073024-2 Summary: This book is about a young 9-year old girl named Ida B and she lives on an Apple Orchard which she, and her (More)
Panera Review
Panera is a small bakery on the corner of Old Woodward and Maple in downtown Birmingham. People who love baked goods and soups and salad would enjoy this restaurant the most.   First of all, if you want soup, make sure you go there after 1 (More)
SWT Week 2 #2
Summer In the summer it is the best because we have so many athletic kids on our street we have 14 boys that live on our block. We always go to the Dairy Mat in the summer because we can walk there. My neighbors have a giant boat so we go to there (More)
SWT Week 1 #2
My favorite soccer player is Messi because he plays the same position as me and he is really good and fast and I like the way he plays. (More)
SWT Week 1 #1
Spring Break For Spring Break i went to Florida, I was supposed to go on Sunday but to make it a surprise my mom took me out of school Wednesday! I didnt even know what was going on, I was so confused.  But we left right from school and we drove t (More)
Mythology Book Review: April
BOOK REVIEW Author: Leonard Everett Fisher Genre: Mythology Title: The Olympians First print copyright date:1984 Publisher and Price: Leonard Everett Fisher and $14.95 ISBN number:0-8234-0522-2 Summary: This book is a ver (More)
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