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Mayim dance from Israel!
Watch our 5th grader in \"Israel\" teach travelers how to dance the \"Mayim Mayim\" (Water Water) Israeli folk dance. Click below! MOV_5554.MO (More)
Pierce students travel the globe!
    Students learn t (More)
Sustainability Event!
We had the opportunity to present our \"We are the World\" diversity project at the Sustainbility event at Seaholm High School.  Everyone loved learning about our project and how important it is to sustain international relationships and cultural awa (More)
French School Wax Museum Presentations!
Pierce Country Suitcases!
News from Sweden!
Below is our answers to your home survey and information about our holidays and traditions.  We also included some photos from Andrea\'s school that she took herself.   Home survey 1. Single family home 2. 3 people 3. 2 bedrooms 4. 3 bathrooms (More)
Photos from Spain!
Photos and a letter from France!
Click below to read Leo\'s wonderful letter in English! letter from Leo (1) (1) More)
Letter and picture from our friends in France!
Dear friends, Happy New Year (with some delay) Thank you for your letters. We are 28 pupils in my class. My favorite art activity is drawing. I don\'t fancy reading, but do read French and Belgian comic (More)
Photos of Pierce for our friends in Brazil!
Climbing wall in Pierce gym Ame (More)
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