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Chapter Five Test finished today!
Today most of the students were able to finish their chapter five Urban Sprawl test today during class.  I will be grading them and getting them back to the students as soon as possible.  Tomorrow we will start our new chapter on Consumption patterns (More)
Chapter three test completed today!
Today the students started and completed the chapter three test.  I am in the process of grading these tests and some of the grades are already on the students' Powerschool.  I will attempt to grade the remainder this evening.  Wish me luck. Tomor (More)
Chapter three test date set!
In case you missed yesterday's post, I have set the date for the chapter three test.  It will be this Monday October 16th.  I also passed out the study guide for this test, which you can download right here if you would like to see it.  More)
Watched a wonderful documentary on Canada!
Today the students watched a wonderful documentary on Canada, which gave the students an introduction to the upcoming chapter on Canada.  This documentary is titled Canada Untold.  Here is the link to the youtube version.  More)
Chapter 1 & 2 tests finished today!
Just a quick note to let you know that I was able to finish grading the chapter 1 & 2 tests today.  I have entered all of the scores into PowerSchool at this point.  I know there were some students who were absent today or did not finish their te (More)
Test date set-Wednesday September 27th!
Hello and happy weekend to all.  Just a few things that you might want to know about if you were absent anytime last week or you are just interested in keeping up on daily classroom activities.  The chapter 1 & 2 test will be this Wednesday Septe (More)
Geography Terms due today and graded!
Today I collected all of the students Interactive Student Notebooks so I could grade the chapter two geography terms on pages 10 & 11.  Please check PowerSchool to see your child's grade.  Many students lost points due to not following directions (More)
Almost done with our 1st chapter!
Today we were just about able to finish chapter one, The Tools of Geography.  We ended today by finishing pages 4 and 5 in the Interactive Student Notebook.  For anyone absent today, please see me for the Phase Cards that we used in conjunction with (More)
Very quick post!
Hello all.  I just wanted to let you know that today was the last day that we will be working in the classroom on the IT Boom article.  It is not due until Monday May 15th, but we are not going to spend anymore class time on them.  Those that are not (More)
Filmed most of the Aral Sea Documentaries!
Today we were able to film most of the Aral Sea Documentaries, however due to some student absences, some groups will need to film tomorrow.  My plan is to transfer all of the videos to my computer, where I can watch the presentations more closely.   (More)
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