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Collected and scored student's Interactive Notebooks!
Today I collected all of the Interactive Notebooks from every student.  I was looking at pages 127 through 130, which include the geography terms for this chapter, along with the 3 population dilemmas I asked them to read about yesterday.  Please tak (More)
Chapter 14 tests scored and entered into Powerschool!
Hello and happy Saturday.  I just finished grading the chapter 14 tests and entering them in Powerschool.  There was a winning Jeopardy Review team in each class that were awarded 5 extra points, that will be added to the students final test grades. (More)
Students received their 8th grade scheduling packets today!
During the latter half of each class today, our counselors came into the classroom to present the paperwork and options for 8th grade scheduling.  Each student received a packet of information along with detailed instructions on how to fill it out.   (More)
Amazon Rainforest Presentations scored and on Powerschool!
I wanted to let you know that I have finished scoring the Amazon Rainforest presentations and they are now on Powerschool for the students to see.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  As you might know, this Friday is the end (More)
Students put into Amazon Rainforest groups!
Today the students were put into group of 4 to 5 students, based on one of the six groups competing for resources in the Amazon Rainforest.  These groups are as follows:  Native Amazonians, Rubber Tappers, Loggers, Cattle Ranchers, Settlers, and Envi (More)
Quiz was given today!
All classes were able to start and finish the chapter 8 quiz.  I have already scored 1st and 2nd hour's quizzes and they are now in Powerschool.  I will work on 4th, 5th, and 6th hour quizzes this evening. All classes (with exception of 6th hour)  (More)
Chapter Five Test finished today!
Today most of the students were able to finish their chapter five Urban Sprawl test today during class.  I will be grading them and getting them back to the students as soon as possible.  Tomorrow we will start our new chapter on Consumption patterns (More)
Chapter three test completed today!
Today the students started and completed the chapter three test.  I am in the process of grading these tests and some of the grades are already on the students' Powerschool.  I will attempt to grade the remainder this evening.  Wish me luck. Tomor (More)
Chapter three test date set!
In case you missed yesterday's post, I have set the date for the chapter three test.  It will be this Monday October 16th.  I also passed out the study guide for this test, which you can download right here if you would like to see it.  More)
Watched a wonderful documentary on Canada!
Today the students watched a wonderful documentary on Canada, which gave the students an introduction to the upcoming chapter on Canada.  This documentary is titled Canada Untold.  Here is the link to the youtube version.  More)
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