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16 word Poetry- (November SWT Bingo)
FREE VERSE POETRY IN YOUR SWT NOTEBOOK   The Red Wheelbarrow William Carlos Williams, 1883 - 1963 so much depends upon a red wheel barrow glazed w (More)
Thundercakes (October Writing)
October BINGO card, Life is a Cookbook. ·         Reserve a two-page spread in their writer\'s notebook that we will call \"Life is a Cookbook.\" ·         To co (More)
Write It!
Adopted from: Learning Is Messy blog, by Brian Crosby The Rule (More)
SWT- Ralph Fletcher
 Ralph Fletcher Ralph Fletcher\'s Core Beliefs about Writing A Writer\'s Notebook (More)
SWT Videos
SWT VIDEOS, PHOTOS, and ART for any time linked here... Month specific SWT videos photos and art (More)
Sacred Writing Time Videos
1.  Compliments are much more than saying nice things about a friend\'s clothes.  Think about a time when you gave or received a compliment that was about character, heart, soul, and who a person is on the inside.  If you can\'t think of a time w (More)
CNN Student News and Sacred Writing Time
CNN Student News CNN Student News Newsquiz (More)
March SWT Videos
March 1 is Dr. Suess\'s birthday!   Which Dr. Seuss book is your favorite? Explain. What are your memories of Dr. Seuss books? Wr (More)
APRIL SWT   Notice the artist made rough drafts. How do you use a rough draft? What other types of materials might make great foundations for artwork? Explain. Where do you express your artisitc abilities? What types of materials do (More)
October SWT
Pixar Artist Picks Up His \'Heroic\' New Year\'s Resolution Three years ago, Pixar story artist Everett Downing made a New Year\'s resolution to draw 365 superheroes — one for every day of the year. He created a blog and made it to more than 250 (More)
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