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Swt week 1 june
Why is there a repeat day in the year? Do some teachers want some kids to have a reapeat on some things? (More)
Word puzzel far north (More)
Action adventure week three journal prompt
1. Describe your character at the beginning of the novel. My charter as curios and had no a clue what the nahhini where or what they did or how they survived in the brutal winter. He is also clueless. 2. Describe your characher at the end of the no (More)
May week 3 SWT
There would have to be a lot of SPF for a astronaut to go to the sun maybe it whould be 1000000 (More)
Swt May week 4
Top 5 search bars 1 Firefox 2 Windows 8 3 Google 4 Chrome 5 Bing (More)
Swt week 4 may
Top 5 gamestions. 1 Xbox 1 2 Xbox 360 3 ps4 4 (More)
May week 2 swt 2
Favorite out door games. 1. Soccer 2. Basketball 3. Baseball 4. kite flying (More)
Swt week 3 may
Top 5 classes 1 Language (More)
Swt week 3
Top 5 subjects 1 P.E. 2 Languge arts 3 Social studies 4 Math 5 Scienve (More)
Action adventure blog journals
Week 1 You’ve had the opportunity to meet several characters in your book club novel.  Choose one of the characters and discuss how you are similar to and different from him/her.  Be sure to focus on personality traits rather than physical charact (More)
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