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SWT- Ralph Fletcher
  Ralph Fletcher\'s Core Beliefs about Writing More)
May SWT Week Two
I went to Cedar point on Saturday with Derby band, orchestra and choir! I had so much fun! I went on Iron Dragon, Wind Seeker, Gatekeeper, Magnum, Mean Streak and MaXair. My favorite rides were Gatekeeper and Iron Dragon. I really wanted to go on Rap (More)
May SWT Week One
This is a haiku I wrote about the flute: Flute makes a sound A soft and beautiful sound I love the flute lots (More)
April SWT Week One
I went to Colorado over Spring Break and it was beautiful! My family and I stayed in Boulder because my parents used to have a house there. We hiked up mountains and walked to all of our favorite restaurants. We also got to see my cousin, Ali, who wo (More)
April Week Two
I am so excited for the Derby Musical! We are doing High School Musical! I am in the ensemble. It is so much fun and a great experience for me to mere new people. Our performances are on May 1st, 2nd and 3rd. (More)
March SWT Week Four
Spring is almost here! Finally! I wrote this poem about spring:   Spring is... Birds chirping, Flowers blooming, Bees pollinating, Trees swaying, Buds awakening.       (More)
March SWT Week Three
Guess what? On Thursday I\'ll be 12 1/2! Only 6 months until my 13th birthday! I\'m so excited! (More)
March SWT Week Three
Last night I went to the mall! I got a pair of Athleta pants and I got to see a real 3D printer print! It was so cool! It was in the Windows store at Somerset Mall. One of the staff gave my brother teeth that were printed from the 3D printer and I go (More)
March SWT Week Two
I don\'t know if I told you but I have an 8-year-old brother named Nick. I wrote a haiku about him: Nick is my brother, Nick has so much energy, Nick cannot stand still!! (More)
March SWT Week Two
I love band! I especially love my instrument, the flute! It is so fun! Here is the list of all of the song we are going to play at our next concert: 1) Dumb Love 2) Hey! Baby! 3) Royal Empire Overture 4) Imperium 5) My Generation (mayb (More)
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