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I can not believe that we only have one week let of school.  I am literally freaking out!  I have only less than one week to fix my grades!  I am so nervous!  If I can\'t get my grades up my dad is going to be so mad at me! (More)
April week 2 swt.
SPRING BREAK POEM PART 2! There is no time to run, just have fun, And under the sun, maybe I\'ll tell a pun, When it is all done, the sun is soon to come with much more fun! (More)
April week 2 SWT.
SPRING BREAK POEM! I love spring, it\'s such a fun thing, Whenever it\'s time for break, there is nothing to fake, And just because it rains, it doesn\'t mean the fun has to drain! (More)
WEEK 1 april swt.
(SRING)   Super fun. Pouring rain. Running around. Inside and out. Never will it end. Going outside (More)
Today is national jelly bean day!  I think that they need to invent a brownie flavored jelly bean!  They probably already invented that, I don\'t that much about jelly beans so...  I don\'t even like jelly beans. (More)
week 1 June swt.
On Saturday I went back to my old house and I got to like walk around and see my old room.  Well it wasn\'t really my room because my bother and shared a room and we were like three years old so the room also really tiny.  I have so many memories the (More)
May SWT Week 4.
Tomorrow is my last swim practice at BBD.  On Friday I will start the swim team at Forest Hills.  I am really exited because a lot of my friends swim there so I will get to see them there. (More)
Week 3 May SWT.
I have just started reading the book \"Fever\" for our book clubs.  So far it is really good.  Normally I don\'t like the books that we read but this one is really good.  It is about a disease that is killing a ton of people. (More)
Week 2 May SWT.
I was right, after my dog bingo got a bath the next day when I go outside I see him all muddy and dirty.  He can barley last one week without getting dirty. (More)
Week 1 May SWT.
Yesterday my dog Bingo got a hair cut and he is so cute.  His new hair cut makes him look like he has this tiny body and a gigantic head!  He also got a bath so he is really clean and fluffy, but that probably won\'t last that long because it is so m (More)
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