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June SWT#2
Zing zap pow boom blue red and green light strands filled the air. Lasers the most destructive technology known to man kind and destruction will almost always lead to conquest yes the british army was on the move control the whole north european thea (More)
June SWT #1
There once was a bunny this bunny was oh so very funny rhymes and times which makes no sense at all but it did not matter for he was very small for he even built a very tall wall out of brick which he later named mick and then he became very very sic (More)
May SWT #5
Kaboom. The explosion was louder than we anticipated not even our ear muffs protected us. As the blast waze rumbled over the city my ears started ringing burning. The pain was to much to bear everything went black. When I came to I heard screaming an (More)
May SWT #3
There once was a flying squirrel and it was a little, tiny baby squirrel with giant bulging eyes.  It was the cutest thing ever.  So one day, the tiny little squirrel baby went into a house.  And in that house there was a tv, the tv flashed and bange (More)
May SWT #2
There once was a boy without a brain who could not think but could still move around.  How he lost his brain is a long story.  Basically, long story short, frying pan, deep fried brain cells and a lobotomy; so you get the picture. He had a dog that w (More)
May SWT #1
Bananas supposedly make your skin wrinkle.  No wonder my grandmother is so wrinkly, she must have eaten a lot of bananas in her lifetime.  And my mom is starting to get some wrinkles too, she must be reaching the maximum capacity of bananas.  They sa (More)
April SWT #4
Bob wrote on papers for several hours.  This was, unfortunately, was his job and very unexciting work.  Every day he would come into work and he would have to think up another story to write.  He would never write about real life because that was jus (More)
April SWT #3
There once was a little frog who lived in a big, big pond.  One day when he was frolicking about in his pond, the humans came.  They built a huge factory next to his pond and released so much guck into it.  He decided he would stop this madness, so t (More)
April SWT #2
There once was a little boy who was considerably awesome, but one day he had to write a SWT on his blog.  He had no idea what to write.  He had an idea about little, tiny people living in trash cans but he thought that was too gross.  Then he thought (More)
April SWT#1
There once was a biker who had won so many Olympic medals and biked so much, he decided one day he would bike up Mt. Everest.  He did just that.  It was hard and treacherous and at some points he had to go upside down, but he was almost at the top.  (More)
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