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Links to Profe's FINAL EXAMS
Hint:  You won't be able to log into the wrong exam!  🙂 Spanish 1A final exam--regular version Spanish 1A final (More)
Spanish 1A_SNYDER_Week of November 14, 2016
MONDAY (November 14) ASSIGNMENTS DUE >none CLASSWORK 1) TCC = stem-changing verbs e>i 2) Grammar video about stem-changing verbs 3) Vistas p. 134   HOMEWORK >Quiz tomorrow over stem-changing verbs (More)
Spanish 1A_SNYDER_Week of November 7, 2106
MONDAY (November 7) ASSIGNMENTS DUE >none  CLASSWORK 1) Vocabulario de Lección 4 independent work-- for a grade HOMEWORK >Quiz Wednesday over lección 4 vocabulary (More)
Spanish 1A_SNYDER_Week of October 31, 2016
MONDAY (October 31) ASSIGNMENTS DUE >Quiz today over –er/-ir verb conjugation CLASSWORK 1) -er and -ir conjugation quiz     OR     -More)
Spanish 1A_SNYDER_Week of October 24, 2016
MONDAY (October 24) ASSIGNMENTS DUE >none   CLASSWORK 1) TCC = worksheet: adjectives 2) Tests back, take notes for test corrections--this Thursday during X-block 3) Vistas pp. 88-91 4) Tarea descripciones.doc (More)
Spanish 1A_SNYDER_Week of October 17, 2016
MONDAY (October 17) ASSIGNMENTS DUE >none CLASSWORK 1) TCC = números más de 31 2) numbers worksheet 3) Ensayito.docx  (document available on Profe's web pageMore)
Spanish 1A_SNYDER_Week of October 10, 2016
MONDAY (October 10) ASSIGNMENTS DUE >20 –ar sentences (document on Profe's web page) CLASSWORK 1) TCC = Read Vistas p. 52 “The verb gustar” and complete ¡Inténtalo! 2) Vistas p. 53 HOMEWORK >Quiz Tuesday over –ar verb conju (More)
Spanish 1A_SNYDER_Week of October 3, 2016
MONDAY (October 3) ASSIGNMENTS DUE >none   CLASSWORK 1) Class schedules speaking activity 2) Review lección 2 vocabulary   HOMEWORK >Quiz Thursday over lección 2 vocabulary (More)
Spanish 1A_SNYDER_Week of September 26, 2016
MONDAY (September 26) ASSIGNMENTS DUE >none   CLASSWORK 1) TCCs for ser parte 2 2) Fotonovela from VHL lección 1 3) Vistas pp. 24-25 4) More)
Spanish 1A_SNYDER_Week of September 19, 2016
MONDAY (September 19) ASSIGNMENTS DUE >none CLASSWORK >Recovery day: get missing handouts, take missing quizzes, relearn unclear concepts from last week when Profe was out HOMEWORK >Study for quiz tomorrow over nouns and ar (More)
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