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Spanish I (Week of June 3, 2013)
TUESDAY (June 3) ASSIGNMENTS DUE: >None   CLASSWORK >TCC = worksheet about Picasso’s artistic periods >You will work the rest of this week to create a 2-D work of art.  It must fill an 8 x 10 page.  Choices: 1. Recreat (More)
Spanish I (Week of May 27, 2013)
TUESDAY (May 28) ASSIGNMENTS DUE: >None CLASSWORK 1) TCC = worksheet about chores 2) Investigation activity: irregular verbs 3) 2 videos: tener More)
Spanish I (Week of May 20, 2013)
MONDAY (May 20) ASSIGNMENTS DUE: >None   CLASSWORK 1) TCC = vocabulary worksheet 2) Vocabulary review 3) More)
Spanish I (Week of May 13, 2013)
MONDAY (May 13) ASSIGNMENTS DUE: >None CLASSWORK 1) Finish filming script (if necessary), begin editing video project HOMEWORK >None, unless you are behind schedule for your Casas y Familias project WEDNESDAY (May 15) AS (More)
Spanish I (Week of May 6, 2013)
MONDAY (May 6) ASSIGNMENTS DUE: >None CLASSWORK 1) Make changes to your script as necessary 2) Print scripts 3) Dress rehearsal (using flips or other cameras) HOMEWORK >None, unless you need to compile material for your (More)
Spanish I (Week of April 29, 2013)
MONDAY (April 29) ASSIGNMENTS DUE: >None CLASSWORK 1) Work time for wiki page for More)
Spanish I (Week of April 22, 2013)
MONDAY (April 22) ASSIGNMENTS DUE: >None, but final exam speaking section is today (online review activities) CLASSWO (More)
Spanish I (Week of April 15, 2013)
MONDAY (April 15) Profe will have a guest teacher today as she participates in district bargaining ASSIGNMENTS DUE: >None, but final exam listening and reading sections are today (More)
Spanish I (Week of April 8, 2013)
MONDAY (April 8) ASSIGNMENTS DUE: >None CLASSWORK 1) exam review (More)
Spanish I (Week of March 25, 2013)
MONDAY (March 25) ASSIGNMENTS DUE: >None CLASSWORK 1) Learning about Cuba (KWL chart) 2) Watch short video: InCUBAtion: 15 days in Cuba in 5 minutes 3) More)
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