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Resources for incoming 8th graders to prepare for Spanish II
This blog post will help you review what you learned in Spanish IB (7th grade), so that you will be ready for Spanish II (8th grade)!  Happy studying!  --Profe VOCABULARY More)
Spanish II (Week of June 3, 2013)
MONDAY/TUESDAY (June 3/4) ASSIGNMENTS DUE: >None, but speaking section of final exam is today: (online study post) (More)
Spanish II (Week of May 27, 2013)
TUESDAY (May 28) ASSIGNMENTS DUE: >none CLASSWORK 1) Tests back (test corrections for FULL CREDIT will be during lunch on Wed 5/29 for 2nd and 4th hours, and Thurs 5/30 for 5th and 6th hours) 2) Handout:  Unit 4 vocabulary 3) TCC (More)
Spanish II (Week of May 20, 2013)
MONDAY/TUESDAY (May 20/21) ASSIGNMENTS DUE: >none CLASSWORK 1) 3 TCC’s to help prepare for the unit 3 test: >TCC #1 = irregular future tense > TCC #2 = reading worksheet > TCC #3 = present perfect tense 2) Look at (More)
Spanish II (Week of May 13, 2013)
MONDAY/TUESDAY (May 13/14) ASSIGNMENTS DUE: >turn in 10 TCCs CLASSWORK 1) Turn in 10 TCCs 2) Quiz over indirect object pronouns  3) TCC = worksheet about volunte (More)
Spanish II (Week of May 6, 2013)
MONDAY/TUESDAY (May 6/7) ASSIGNMENTS DUE: >None CLASSWORK 1) TCC = handout over indirect object pronouns 2) indirect object pronouns practice (More)
Spanish II (Week of April 29, 2013)
MONDAY/TUESDAY (April 29/30) ASSIGNMENTS DUE: >None, but quiz today over unit 2 vocabulary (online study links , More)
Spanish II (Week of April 22, 2013)
MONDAY/TUESDAY (April 22/23) ASSIGNMENTS DUE: >None CLASSWORK 1) Watch all the quinceañera telenovelas from all the classes 2) Take the Quinceañera quiz (not for a grade) to see what you’ve learned 3) Numbers 0-100 mini lesson fo (More)
STAMP vocabulary and TEST practice
Take an actual practice test here!--more like the actual STAMP test Take an actual pract (More)
Quinceañera telenovela project
Quinceañera-schedule-student-copy-2kwuoq8 L (More)
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