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SWT March Week 3
  Hi & hello! I did not know what to do so yeah. How (More)
SWT March Week 3 Drawings In My Notebook
What We Got SWT March Week 2
Hi & hello! So today, my family and I went to do some regular shopping. We got some groceries and some other cool stuff. I got this berry drink. 🙂 🙂 Probably the coolest thing I got today was spray-on hair color!!!! We got pink and some glitter (More)
March Week 2 SWT
Hi and Hello. So today I had a field trip for the Chinese class I take. We recently learned about colors, food, and merchandise. So for this trip we went t (More)
Numbers/Another SWT Week 1 March
What ups again? Hello. So this is just going to be random numbers typed. If you guess or count  the number of 8\'s in the numbers, good for you than. If you would like to not be board and you are board, than do this I guess....(pop quiz! JK. No reall (More)
Pictures Or No Pictures/ SWT Week 1 March
What ups again??? Hello. So I was just wondering if I should add pictures onto my blog....why not comment below what you think, or just come back to see what I chose. (Please visit if you want, well again I guess to be more right.) Also I am fairly e (More)
Snowy Indoor Cat/March Week 1 SWT
What ups again? So a few day ago, my parents were loading up  the car. It was also really cold outside. about an hour after a while, we herd meowing.....guess what, my cat ran out side! When she came in, her fur was frozen. (More)
February SWT Week 2/New Car
Hello. So this week (well, more like tomorrow) my family and I are getting a new car! We are replacing out beloved jet black Sion XB. What we are getting is some sort of coal or dark gray Ford car. (Sorry, I don\'t remember what kind of car) I am goi (More)
Destination Imagination (DI)
What up?! So yesterday (March 1st 2014) my state had it\'s regional competition for my region. (I\'m in region 1) This year my team and I did the technical challenge, Dig In. For the middle school division. We created a 3 act play showing 3 different (More)
Quotes Collage And February Week 2 SWT
Hi! So for this collage, I did some awesome quotes I found on Bing Images. The Biggest one in the middle is my favorite. I think and feel like I am the quote. (I even have this quote as the background on my laptop. I wanted it as my blog and avatar, (More)
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