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Chapter 18 test completed!
Each class started and finished their chapter 18 test.  I am going to do my best to get them graded and put in Powerschool prior to Spring Break.  I am still working my way through the Geogames Letters, with 1st hour done and some in 2nd and 4th hour (More)
Chapter 18 test on the new nation-states of the former Soviet Union postponed until Tuesday!
  Hello all.  Due to school being cancelled for student today, I think it would be best if we postpone the chapter 18 test until Tuesday.  This will give us Monday to review and fully prepare, which I had planned to do on Friday.  If you have (More)
Finished up our activity from yesterday!
Today all classes were able to finish up the activity from yesterday.  Most, if not all, were able to match the photographs to their geological process, as well as the physical feature in Russia.  Students will receive a study guide for this chapter (More)
Chapter 14 test tomorrow!
Today all of the classes played/participated in a Jeopardy Review.  I tried a new online Jeopardy site and there were a few bugs.  However, I think that most of the students enjoyed the experience.  Here is the link for you.  More)
Tomorrow is Jeopardy Review for Chapter 14 test!
A heads up for all.  Tomorrow all classes will be participating in a Jeopardy Review to help them prepare for the chapter 14 test on Friday.  It is very important that they are there for the review, but if for some reason they are unable to make it, (More)
Chapter five on Urban Sprawl mostly finished today!
Today all classes were able to work through the end of chapter five on Urban Sprawl.  We worked on pages 45 and 46 in the Interactive Student Notebook.  We also read the final three sections in the textbook, which were on Atlanta, Georgia, as well as (More)
Urban Sprawl test date set!
Hello to all SEVEN of you who are reading this.  I wanted to let you know that I set the date for the chapter five Urban Sprawl test.  The test will be on Monday November 13th.  I am aware that several students will be gone from this Wednesday throug (More)
Chapter three test completed today!
Today the students started and completed the chapter three test.  I am in the process of grading these tests and some of the grades are already on the students' Powerschool.  I will attempt to grade the remainder this evening.  Wish me luck. Tomor (More)
Kahoot link to help students prepare for test!
This is the kahoot review we did on Friday. This is the quizizz that the students can do on their own (More)
Tomorrow is our review for the chapter three test!
Tomorrow's class will focus solely on reviewing for the chapter three test on Monday.  Students will have a lot of opportunity to ask questions, answer practice questions, and take additional notes on their study guide if necessary. Tomorrow we ha (More)
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