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Biography and Autobiography of Civil Rights Leaders
  Part 1 You will need your Language of Literature textbook. Turn to pages 362-363. Read the section titled, Autobiography and Biography and answer (More)
Argument Protocol Power Point
Argument Protocol (More)
U.S. Civil Rights
Part 1 You will need your Language of Literature textbook. Turn to pages 362-363. Read the section titled, Autobiography and Biography and answer the questions below in YOUR blog; category “U.S. Civil Rights” 1.  List 3 events that have ha (More)
Watsons Reading Stratigies
Background Knowledge I know where Birmingham Alabama is. I live right around Flint Michigan. The Watsons is a very old book. Making Inferences Kenny is a very smart person and reads like a fifth grader. Byron teases Kenny and hangs out with peopl (More)
CRBC- Free at Last, 1960s Time Line (BBC) (More)
Civil Rights Book Club
Use the question starters below to stimulate a book discussion on your blog with your book club.  Your post must express your thoughts and inquries about your book.  Each week you are expected to post 3 thought provoking, quality posts.  Your posts m (More)
CRBC Final Project- Inquiry
Identifying Big Questions: Big questions are questions that come up in your discussions that can\'t be answered with information from the text. Think about questions that came up while you were reading that go beyond the story in the book. What a (More)
CRBC Book Choices
Click on the linked book cover above to learn  about the book. Be sure to click on and read \"reviews\" and \"awards.\"   More)
Home Page: Civil Rights Book Club
  CRBC The Books More)
blinded pilot gets help to Land
On Friday a British pilot was blinded in a flight. He said he called out a ASAP call for help. a British royal air force pilot Paul Gerrard was drafted in to the task. he safely guided the stricken pilot down safely. After he was landed they rushed h (More)
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