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June SWT week 3/ #AskKarina
Hi & hello! So right now i am here with my friend Karina. She is one of my best friends. (I kinda have a lot of best friends.) about an (More)
YES! YES! YES!!!!!
Hi & hello! So I just got back form the  competition for DI! PLACE PEOPLES! Soooooooooooo.....happy right now! We did not think we would get even 6th place. Top 3 teams go to globals, so we are going to Tennessee! Not o (More)
Know A Little More About Me!
Hi & hello! So why not know a little more about me. How about.....25 facts about me. 1. I have a cat. 2. I wear this ring on my finger everyday, (More)
My Eye......./SWT April Week
Hi & hello! So its story time!!!!!! Yea?... So on Monday, I went to fencing, as usual. I happen to be in the back corner of the bag area. (The place wh (More)
Why Now?
Hi & hello! So spring break is coming up soon....yeah. S (More)
What\'s This?........
Hi & hello! So by the title I really don\'t know what to do again. But I wanted to post today anyway. Um, yeah. I switched my pencil case? (What did I (More)
The End/ Week 1 April SWT
Hi & hello! So I have this thing.......with the blog. (T (More)
Buttery Popcorn Crispy Treat (???? !!!!!)
Hi & hello! So while I was practice tenor sax in my basement, my awesome mom was on the main floor making a snack for tomorrow. Tomorrow is the March h (More)
Hi & hello! So right now I am finishing dinner, while using chop sicks...........and its not going to well. ­čÖü I am right handed, and eating (with chop (More)
Math Test & China
     Hi & hello! So just a few minutes ago.....I finished my (More)
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