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Hi i was just wanted to say that if you are bullyed te you should tell someone because i have heard of a bunch of storys were kids commit suicuid becuse of it, tell someone be for its to late.:)

My Digital Story

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Hope you like it!! 🙂

Fun is Sceince!!

My question is how does the panel that they sent up in to space stay there without blowing up???

Just Another Question!!

Monday, March 26:
1. Up to now what have you learned about your wonder?I have learned that people die from bullying because of all the stress that builds up in there body and they can’t handle it so they commite suicide. How did you find this information? I Found this info on most of the websites I looked on. What did you do? In my confrence told my mom about my wonder and she actually knew a lady who worked with her but quit so she could try to stop bullying so she is going to try to get her to come to our school.

2. What do you still want to know about your wonder?What pushes kids to bully and why do they bully. What is your plan for finding this information? I am going to spend a whole afternoon devoted to my wonder. What have you already done to try and find this information?I have tryed to get in touch with my moms friend.Did it work? Why or why not? She did not get back but my mom will meet with her so it kind of did.

3. What new questions/wonders do you have? Are they related to your current wonder? What could you do to look into them? I havent had any new wonders or thoughts.

My First Question;)

Please reflect on the video A Brave New World-Wide Web we viewed together in class today as you respond to each of the following questions:

What connections did you make to your own learning experiences?
I am a visual learner therefor I learn better when I see it.
What connections did you make to the experiences you’ve had teaching others?
I comment on people’s blogs and tell them how they can make them better.
This video was intended to move the thinking of educators.  What did you take away from it? By looking at this video it will encourage teachers to use more technology in their classroom.
Please add your responses to this post by clicking on the Responses button below.

Please note:  you have the choice of entering your responses as text, audio or video message.


Info about bullying

Bullying is aggressive behavior that is intentional and that involves an imbalance of power. Most often, it is repeated over time.

School bullying takes on many forms, and it is done by both girls and boys. A recent U.S. study shows that 17 percent of all students reported having been bullied sometimes or more often. This amounts to almost one in five students.

A single student who bullies can have a wide-ranging impact on the students they bully, students who observe bullying, and the overall climate of the school and community.


Cyber bullying is bullying through electronic media, e-mail, texting, social networks, blogs, websites, or digital messages or images send to a phone

Caroline Wonders

I Wonder How people can die from bullying?

I have heard a lot of things about people dying from bullyiing i am just wondering how.

Maybe the stress that builds up in their body just over flows, maybe they feel that nobody like them and nobody cares about them so they commit suicide.

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