Thoughts about Balance and Motion



These second graders finished their unit of study on Balance and Motion.  I thought I would have them share their thinking.  Please leave a comment or question for them.  We will answer questions on this topic.

imageWhen we rolled the cups with the penny on it, it stopped.  The second time we did it without the penny.  It rolled and did not stop.–Gideon

When you put the ball on a track to go down and you put it higher, it goes way faster–Isabella

On the ramp, when you tape the penny to the cups, the cup will  stop moving quicker–Caleb.

When we used the tops, when we spun it, the smaller one didn’t go as well as the big one. –Krista

You need a force to make something move or stop something from moving. When we pulled the string of the zoomer over and over, it went faster and faster.–Peri

The axle that that has a small and large wheel, goes in circles.–Micah

Spheres can roll in any way they want and the track they are on will decide which way they will go. –Taylor

When we were rolling the cups down the ramp, I saw that when the penny-side hit the bottom, it made a lump.–Ariyanna

I learned that you must have counterweights for something to be in a stable position.–Keegan

When we did the twirlers, when you dropped it, it spun because the air was pushing on the wing.–Carter

The sphere has all round faces to roll down a ramp. P.S. Don’t enter a sphere in a balance contest.–Abby

The axle that has half big and half small goes in a circle–Gwendolyn

When the force starts the spinning, I learned that air is pushing the twirler.–Mallory

When I was using the marbles on the track, I was able to put two curves in a row and tested int t. I put the marble on.  It wethrough both curves.–Ermal

One thing that you need to start the twirler, you need to drop it and then the force of air will spin it. –Zane

When the cups rolled, the penny just stopped, going and stopped.  It was stopping and going.–Alex


5 thoughts on “Thoughts about Balance and Motion

  1. Great job you guys! This sounds really interesting! Keep up the good work 🙂 Peri’s mom

  2. Great Job Everyone!! Your comments above show you understood and enjoyed the work!! Well done!! 🙂

    John’s mom

  3. Sounds like you guys had lots of fun experimenting with comparing different outcomes. Great job future scientists 🙂
    I am looking forward to reading more stories and of course your thoughts and comments on your blog!

    -Krista’s Mom

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