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Please remember to not use your full name when posting. This is a public forum. Tonight, we are seeing a traditional Ghanaian dance troupe. I am really enjoying it but I will let the videos and pictures tell the story below.

After viewing the first round of posts, I must say I am very pleased with the content so keep up the good work. Aerin and Lexie if the post says pending, you do not need to repost it. Also, AJ, please put more content in your post. Marvin, I did not hear from you so I hope your next post is very informative:). Questions….

Many students: Do you miss us?
Answer: Of course, but my experience in Ghana will only make this and future classes experiences even better. As well as a teacher, it is just as important that I am a lifelong learner.

Kylie: When a professional crier dies is their coffin a tear drop? My colleagues and I laughed quite a bit at this. They do not know of specific example, but it is certainly possible.

Here are some sample coffins…feel free to google “Ghana Coffins” for more.



Jane: Do Ghanaians like their funerals or wish for American funerals? Ghanaians love their style of funerals. Let me clarify that they do not party if a child dies unexpected and tragically, but only if the person is old and lived a valuable life. They enjoy these funerals so much that some will spend nearly all their money on funeral dress and donation to the family. The closest thing in America would be a wedding. It may seem odd to us that a funeral is a celebration, but do you think Ghanaians find it odd that we have celebrities that spend millions on weddings only to get divorced three months later?

RO: What dances do they do at funerals? Funny story, the dance troupe seen in pictures and videos below perform at funerals. I would give an explanation but a picture is worth a thousand words…a video, maybe more.

Samantha and others: How is the food and have you tried anything new? The food has been pretty good, but different. For example, I had some good spaghetti today…but it was served for breakfast. I have enjoyed the Ghanaian dishes(fried plantain, peanut soup) more than the American dishes(French fries). One of the group favorites was Tilapia. The picture below shows that in Ghana, they do not bother removing skins, bones, or well…anything.










12 thoughts on “Ghanaians dancers > Miley

  1. Most of us here like our Tilapia filleted, but we are happy for your new gourmet experience. Devin would like to know if the food is spicy.

  2. Hi Mr.Jackson, the food in Ghana sounds great. Well I have been in a few Ghanian restaurants and if u have also does the restaurant food here taste the same as the food in Ghana? Also I love tilapia and i just wanted to know if they actually left the organs,bones,eyeballs,and all that other stuff in the fish and made you take all of it out? Bye for now!

  3. Dear Mr. Jackson,
    I think its crazy how ecstatic the coffins are! They do not even look like coffins to me. When I first saw them I thought it was some festival celebration not a funeral coffin! I also think its odd that the almost do not remove anything from the fish they eat! I would have a hard time eating the fish there because I am a very picky eater. I think you do look like Rooney! Is he a soccer player in Ghana? Do they call soccer football there? What are the clothes like in Ghana? I hope you are having a lot of fun in Ghana and cant wait to have you back!

  4. Wow I really want to have a Ghana funeral becuase that is what is what a funeral should be all about….being thankful for that persons life and how they lived there life. Mr jackson would you want your funeral to be a Ghana funeral?

    How is the food Mr Jackson? How is it diffrent from our food? I have tasted there food at my old school and it was very good.
    have a safe trip

  5. I must say that is a really interesting dance. I do wonder just how many coffins one person could have.I had Chinese food for dinner last night. How would have a Ghanaian take to the new dish? About the videos you had us watch. Is there anything someone like me could do to help?
    Watching those kids suffer made me sad.

  6. Hi Mr.Jackson! I really like the Ghanian dancers. I liked how it was fun and upbeat! I noticed that the instruments they played were homemade. I was wondering if they made them thereseleves? I also saw that they were wearing clothes that looked different. They also had something like hay around their legs. Are these clothes special for dancing or are they normal everyday outfits? I think it’s unique the way that they don’t remove anything from the fish although I don’t think I would try it. What do you drink there?

  7. I really like the enthusiasm in the dancing. I also liked how everyone was dancing together. In America, everything is dance competitions and who is the best dancer, but in Ghana, i see, it is happy and together. The food looked delicious also. Have you danced? If you have, was is fun? If you haven’t, are you planing to and does it look fun? Anyway, to sum it up, Ghana looks fun.

  8. Hey Mr. Jackson! Being a dancer myself it is really interesting to see how different this dancing is compared to our own in the United States. Have you seen a close up of their dance costumes? If so when you get back would you mind sharing some of that because I am very interested to learn of the different colors, texture, and so on. It is so cool seeing the intensity of their dance and how much pride they put into it. How was seeing your food stare at you while you ate it? It’s interesting to see what they do with their food and how they make it. I’m sure their food is better there instead of our greasy foods over here. I hope you are having a wonderful time and learning new things so you can share them when you get back! Bye for now!

  9. Hi, Mr. Jackson
    I think it is very interesting that people in Ghana have such different foods. I would think that since those dishes are obviously good, Americans would eat them, too. It makes Ghana feel like it’s a different world. It would be better if everyone around the world did the same things, ate the same foods, and didn’t act so different. We have a single story about Africa, and we should be more flexible. We should realize that they are people also. Does Ghana feel like a tourist area? I would like to go to Ghana one day. It seems like a fun experience.

  10. Hi Mr. Jackson,
    I thought that the coffins were cool, but also it is sad to see coffins. It is crazy that they dance during the celebration of someone’s death, but it is also kind of neat. I hope you are having a good time!


  11. I love to dance so it would be cool if someone to dance at my funeral. And would you want a Ghanaian funeral or a the funeral here? I would want a Ghanaian funeral.

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