Quick update…Ghanaian TV is very interesting. I found that they have CNN, but this morning it had turned into a different channel. A workout channel complete with the Insanity workout so I figured when in Rome..and proceeded to do the workout in my hotel room.

I just learned some very interesting information on Ghanaian funerals. As we learned before, funerals are huge social events to celebrate the person’s life. They often last four days where the first day is mourning followed by days of dancing, singing, and partying. Well…there’s more…. Bodies are often left in the Morgue for nine months while they plan the funeral(it takes time to plan such a huge event:). Also, some families hire “professional criers.” These people, as you might guess, are hired to cry at funerals so that the person appears more valued to the funeral visitors. They also have personalized coffins. For example, a shoemaker’s coffin is a giant shoe ,a fishermen’s is a giant fish, and a teacher a giant pencil. Leave this as my living will…..I want a Ghanaian funeral. What do you think, should a funeral be a celebration of one’s life or an event of mourning?

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  1. Having a Ghaninan funeral sounds like fun. When I have my funeral I would like all my friends there. I would like my coffin to be personalized and have a party to. At my funeral there would be food, dancing, and give speeches. Also I want my funeral to be a day long because it will be filled with activities and food. Then after that I would like everybody all the good times they had with me. Lastly say how I impacted there life.

    • I totally agree with you. This is a good way to understand that the person has passed away, but that doesn’t mean you should be really sad about it. Food, dancing, and speeches sounds like the perfect way to celebrate one’s life.

  2. I think that a funeral should be a celebration of ones life. I think that becuase you should be happy for everything that they did in there life. not sad that they had died. That is what I think a funeral should be about.

    • I agree that we should celebrate each others life. I don’t think we should be mourning about it. Do you like the long wait until the funeral? Do you think people will get over the death and forget about the person? Another thing I don’t like about their funerals is the professional criers. I think it is very rude to hire people to act sad about someone. What do you think about the professional criers?

  3. I think that it would be nice to be celebrated after you die, but there are some up and down feelings with me. I think that, like the people of Ghana, you should be celebrated, but there should not be paid criers. That is like someone doesn’t even care about you, they just want you to seem popular. I would like my coffin to be personalized too, but not crazy. I might like a soccer ball for my coffin… But that might be hard. I would also settle for a book coffin. I think that there of course should be some mourning because if people just partied for my death, that would be like they were happy to be rid of me! I wonder what kind of party they have? Is it like a socializing party, or a wild one? When or if they had a party, I was thinking more of a socializing, picnic, field, kids running, etc. party.

  4. 3/17/14
    Probably, A Celebration of ones life and bringing there life in to the Fun-Filled Funeral. I would want A funeral where nobody is crying or sad. I want everybody up and happy. YEAH, TOGA and HAPPY PEOPLE. I love Party And celebrating who people really are or where. FUN is where I wanna be instead of school. Some people Pull there children out of school to see a boring Funeral( I would Rather Be in school than that Funeral) I would leave school for a very fun Funeral. STOP WASTING YOUR LIFE GOING TO BORING FUNERALS MAKE THIS PERSON BE REMEMBERED FOR EVER!!! LIFE IS TO SHORT TO BE GOING TO BORING FUNERALS! TAKE ACTION OVER YOUR NEXT FUNERAL!!!

  5. I think that a funeral should be both. A celebration of one’s life and an event of mourning. Like the Ghanaian’s. I think this because you should remember the good things they did not the bad things.(If that led them to dealth) Also you should mourn because if were loved it would sad if they died. Why they make there coffins like that? If it was me i’d be kinda creeped out if your job was a butcher or something like that.Whats on Ghanaian TV? IS there shows there besides CNN that they have here?

  6. 3-17-14

    I think a funeral should be a celebration of someones life. I say this because when I die, I would want people to celebrate all the years that I lived. I personaly think that funerals in Ghana are better than funerals in the United States. I’ve only been to a couple funerals but I know that they can be very sad. A funeral should be about celebrating that a person lived a full life.

    The funerals in Ghana sound interesting, but what other things besides special coffins do they do to honor a persons life?

    What kinds of food do they serve at funerals in Ghana?

  7. I think that it is cool that people celebrate instead of mourning. I would not want people coming around me and just crying when I die. I like that people celebrate instead of mourning. Just recently my grandpa died. We had a funeral for him. I went to his funeral. Now that I think about it, it what have been 100% better if we partied. Because I was just so sad and I saw all these people crying. I wanted to run out of the church. I couldn’t handle it. Also my grandpa’s coffin was just panted bronze. I think it is so cool that your coffin is your personalty. It is not all sad and boring. So I love the Ghanaian funeral so much better than the American funeral.

  8. 3/17/14
    I think that it is very cool and interesting that instead of a sad funeral, they celebrate one’s life. Personally I think most funerals should be a celebration of a persons life instead of the alternative. I mean, why mourn and let yourself go down in the dumps when a loved one dies, when you could be celebrating the amazing life of that person?! If I had died I would want a celebration of my life. Instead of my family and friends focusing on the bad news of me being deceased they could focus on the good news of my long and happy life. Mourning will not help with moving on from the fact that this person has died. An event where people cry and dress in all black is not how I would like to be buried.
    So that is why I think a funeral should be a celebration of one’s life instead of an event of mourning.

  9. I think that a funeral should be a celebration of ones life. I think that becuase you should be happy for everything that they did in there life. not sad that they had died. That is what I think a funeral should be about. It should be happy becuase you want to let that person know that you cared about them. I would like is if my coffin would have somthing to do with basketball, I love to play. I would want to hae a party. I would want to have my family and freinds celebrat what a good person I was.

    What would you want your coffin to look like?

  10. Personally I think it should be both, because at a funeral you want to celebrate some of the things that happened. But you also would want to take some time and mourn about how you all will miss this person. I am wondering why should you want to have someone cry about someones death, you really should have feelings for that person. Why should you dance for four days about a persons’ death don’t you think that’s a little bit much. Even if it’s in your Heritage. Lastly, why are you in a hotel instead of having a host family.

  11. 3-17-2014

    Reading the post, I thought it would be fun to be at a Ghanaian funeral. Having fun by celebrating a person’s life. I think it would be a lot better than staying seated for 2 hours in tears while we talk about a person’s life and death. It would bring better tears to a person about a person’s life and death when you are having fun than staying a the same place.
    I also think it is better to celebrate with the person’s favorite food, games and other things.

  12. I think a funeral should be a celebration. I think that because you should remember the good times you had with that person. Also I think that day you should not be sad the person would want you to be happy for them. that they are at rest now and not is pain.

    Most people think that a funeral should be said I think you want to try to stay positive and happy. This is a time where you should be with your family and think of good. people should want to celebration the goods that they did. Why would people get paid to cry?.

  13. I think a funeral should be a celebration of someones life instead of an event of mourning. People should celebrate their life rather then cry about them being dead. People should play there favorite music, eat their favorite food, decorate their house with their favorite things, and tell funny stories about them. Another thing that would be cool is if someone made a slide show of pictures.

  14. If would want people celebrate a person life.I would want my favorite food at my funeral. I would want my coffin to be custom with things that I like to do.There could be mini cup cakes that have my name on them when you walk to the enter of the funeral. Or if they played a sport that they really like they could put things that they used when he/she played. Put a picture or something that the person like to play with. After my funeral there could be a grill out.

  15. It should be a celebration bcause its better to be happy than sad about things. And if you think about it the people that hire professional criers because they cant cry enof to seem like its a very valed person also the personalized coffins are to make thing funny so no one is that sad about the person dieing. I personaly want a furneral because its like a celebration of ones death

  16. I think it should be a celebration of ones life, because when you focus on the fact that ones dead it just makes you feel sad. I think that you shouldn’t focus on the fact that ones life is over, but the fun they had while they were alive. I think that you should spend some time to grieve but not forever. If the person was really close to you that it would probably be harder to think about it thins way. If the person was close to you the it would be hard for you to think of it like they really had fun instead of their dead. If one of my sister had died then I would be vary upset but I would still eventually think of it as she had a great time here on earth. I would give her a microphone casket because she loved to sing. I would play her favorite songs. I would have a party because she was one of those type of people. What I’m trying to say is I think it should be a day of celebration.

    * Hi Mr.Jackson

  17. Personally, I think that a funeral should in fact be a celebration because it would be a better way of celebrating someone’s life. In my opinion, the opportunity to celebrate lives is a better way to support deaths.

  18. I think that when you die, your life should be celebrated. After all of the mourning, I think that since that is the last celebration, it should be celebrated well, and people should not be completely a bad thing. I also like how you can have your coffin/casket personalized. I think that all funerals should be a celebration of a persons life not a depressing ceremony. I would defiantly rather have a Ghanaian funeral because I would rather go to a Ghanaian funeral so I would want people to be sad for my death but also celebrate my life at the same time. Plus I would really want one of those fancy coffins. I would personally want to have a funeral because it is not just about your death, but also the life that you have portrayed. A Ghanaian funeral seems so much happier even though it still is a funeral. Since I’m a gymnast what would my coffin be?

  19. the ancient Egyptians had professional sobers. I think that a funeral should be celebrated with singing and dancing and other things. because if funerals hadn’t been like this then people will on fell sad on that day.

  20. I would want a Ghanaian funeral. I would want people celebrating my life. I wouldn’t want people to cry when they hear my name. I don’t like the par about hiring people to cry. I think that is rude. Everything else I love.

  21. I would want a celebration of my life instead of an event of mourning for the following reasons. I wouldn’t want everyone to be crying because I was gone but because I lived a great life. When I die I would picture my closest family and friends having a fun party and people laughing not crying. I think it would be cool if you had your coffin being a symbol of your life. Instead of being a dark coffin with no happiness about the persons life. But, I don’t know if I would want a professional crier at my celebration though. If someone did get a professional crier then it would make the other people at the funeral want to cry and I wouldn’t want my family and friends to be crying and to be sad about my death but to be happy about my wonderful life. It would be great to have all of my family and friends to be dancing, singing and having a lot of fun and just being happy about my life. That is how I would want my life to be celebrated by.

  22. 3/17/2014
    I think a funeral should be more like how people in Ghana its should be a celebration of life and be happy, not sad and dull. In America people need to be more happy and creative with peoples death its a celebration of of their life and how great, and amazing it was. funerals should be more on an event, not some boring, and sad event where people cry, it needs to happy and in honor of someones life. It should be fun, with there favorite music, dancing, and just a fun place where you think positive about your dead family member, and not be sad that there gone.

  23. I think for a persons funeral the celebration of the persons life should be like the people saying their goodbye’s for about 4 days. And then every day of those 4 days there will be a huge party. Now for the 4th day of the celebration it would be the day that the people buried the person and and said their final goodbye’s and celebrated one last time by having a sing along. After the sing along have everybody have this huge gathering then make this final party seem like festival of the person’s life.

  24. Wow! I think that I want a Gahnaian funeral. I think that a funeral should be a celebration of someones life but also a time to remember and apriciate the person and the good times you had with the person who has pased. I think that evrything so far that the people in Ghana do is great like if a teacher passes away their cacket is shaped like a pencil. That is so cool, I want mine to be cool like that! Everything that you have written so far is so cool! I love learning about other peoples cultures. Also what are they thinking asbout our letters, and the United States?

  25. Hi Mr.Jackson, was Ghana how you expected to be? Have you tried any new foods? I hope you learn and share as many new things as possible. What do you think, should a funeral be a celebration of one’s life or an event of mourning? To be honest I think that a funeral shouldn’t have to one or the other. I think that you should mourn for the dead, but you should also celebrate all that the deceased accomplished in their life. I think it would be cool for everyone to be dancing and singing at a funeral. I think the dancing would lift the mood for everybody. I think Ghanaian funerals are the best way to have a funeral because you wouldn’t have to choose between an event of mourning or a celebration of one’s life.

  26. Hi Mr. Jackson:

    So glad you arrived safely and are enjoying your time already my friend. Be sure and watch the soap operas on TV. Those are similar to the Mexican novellas but with a Ghanian touch… I found them to be really interesting.

    Looks like you and I were able to see the same dance troupe. I’m looking forward to comparing our experiences through your blog and when you return.

    As for funerals, I’ve always felt they should be a celebration of life. Be grateful for the time you’ve shared with this person and the way he/she touched your life and celebrate that – besides – who doesn’t love a good party?

    We’ll be checking in…

  27. If I was able to choose what kind of funeral I would have, I would choose it as a celebration of life. I would choose this type of funeral for multiple reasons. I would want people to celebrate the time I’m on earth and not mourn the time I’m not here on earth. I would also not want people to mourn because I am moving on in life, spiritually. Also, I would like a coffin with a textbook carved on it to show that I’m not employed, but a student. These are all reasons why I would like my funeral to be a mourn-free event.

  28. I want a funeral because I want to be remembered. However, after a day of sadness I would like a day of party time. I honestly don’t want to be buried in a big fish coffin, but I would be unique, want a normal coffin. I want to go out with a bang some fireworks, cake and guns (at a gun range).
    Fireworks because ME LIKE BIG BOM-BOM. Cake because cake all ways gets people in a good mode and I like people in a good mode. Guns because ME LIKE ANOTHER BIG BOM.

  29. Hi im Charlie I am in Mrs. Gilmores class from Derby. This trip is really cool! I think its funny about the TV and how it turned to the insanity workout. I guess you can stay fit on your trip! This is a really cool blog. Hope your having a good time.

  30. For my funeral I would like to have it in Ghana it seems really cool how there traditions are except for the whole celebration part I wouldn’t have that in my funeral.But I would want cupcake a ice sculpture of me and purple,blue, and pink fireworks and one of them says Laila really big in the sky and I want to be remembered and my coffin would have jewels and jewelry in it.

  31. hi mr.jackson how ganna? i think that a funeral sould be a celerbration of somones like not crying or sadness think of how good of a life they had and how the lived not how they died.

  32. hey Mr. Jackson this is my first post because I got called down to the office! I think that we should all have Ghanian funeral! AHHHHHH I just got the worst image in my head! You in super tight work out shorts! 🙁 I got that image cause of the work out channel on the tv. Peace

  33. HI Mr.Jackson I hope you are enjoying your time in Ghana. So are the black stars (soccer team) good or are they bad. Also if you stayed there would you get a accent or not? And out of all of the famous singers in the USA how come the only ones they know are women? And by the way the talapia that you ate looked pretty good , do you mind bringing me some when you come back but with no bones.
    So keep enjoying your trip and having fun:D

  34. Hey Mr Jackson

    I really want to know more about the soccer players. What is the most common sport that they play in Ghana.

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