Rooney strikes again..

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Today, we visited a Ghanaian school. I met a number of teachers and students for which I presented a copy of Mr. Fisher’s 04 Classic, Five Drafts Later. The school was quite different than Berkshire. For one, the students stay in one classroom all day and it was instead the teachers that moved from class to class. Also, the school, while having roofs, was basically outside. You may find the pictures of the computer lab interesting. I spoke to the students and they were extremely respectful…..until their teacher said I was Rooney. They then nearly lost it. Let’s just say I’m getting a workout from shaking so many hands.




For the afternoon, the Ghanaian parliament(their version of Congress) held a committee meeting with us on education. We discussed laws that they have passed on education in Ghana. You can view the video below to see my memorable introduction. Getting to testify before the Ghanaian government was an experience I will never forget.




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  1. Hi, Mr. Jackson! It looks like you’re having a great time in Ghana. Going to school in Ghana seems like it would be fun to be outside all the time, but the computers don’t look very fun… Here in Michigan we most schools have computers, and if the schools have computers they are all in one piece and they work. I honestly can’t imagine what school would be like without working without technology. How do the Ghanaian children function without working computers? I mean how do they do some of the required things that we do on computers? Anyway, have fun Mr. J!!

  2. This school looks different than Berkshire. Do they have a lot of computers? But staying in one class room will make me feel weird because it will make feel like I’m in 1st or 3rd grade. Do they have gym like us or something like that? Do you know how many teachers?

  3. Hi Mr. Jackson I see the busted up computers and that school looks a lot different from here and how our school is set up. That school is a more outside open school. And all the kids are in the same color blue.

  4. How do they use the computer if it is broken? Plus do kids ever get kidnap at school ? Also is there animals rooming around? How do some kids get home and to school.

  5. Hi,
    Was it cool to see the school there. I can not imagine what it would feel like to have everyone think that you were Rooney. It must be crazy.

    When do you get to start to teach (If you have not already)?

  6. 3/21/14

    Wow. There school is very different from what we’re used too. First of all we’re used to a large, two-story building. When they have a much smaller school. We take our education for granted very much. I can’t even imagine what it’s like sitting in a hot classroom all day.
    I have a few questions:
    Do they get recess? If so, for how long and when?
    What was it like getting to present in front of the Ghanian government?
    How long is their average school day?
    Hope you’re enjoying Ghana, bye!

  7. I can not believe the difference between our schools! I actually think it is very cool that the school is sort of outside. I know we couldn’t do that here in Michigan but I would love to have an outdoor school. Have the kids read our letters yet? What are some things they think is strange about our school? Hope your having fun!

  8. Hello Mr. Jackson I hop your having a great day,
    i think it’s interesting that they don’t have any grass. Also their computer lab was interesting. Looking at what they have in comparison to us we have a lot more that they do and we take it all for granted.

    I think that the fact that you got to testify to the Ghanian government was really cool.

    How many kid are in one class?
    What we you testifying for?

  9. That is hilarious that the teacher told everyone that you are Rooney. How come they don’t ask for autograph. If I saw someone famous I would ask for his signature instead of shaking his hand! I feel bad for those people because we have all this grass in front our school but they have dirt or what ever that is. Now I realize how fortunate I am, I shouldn’t feel bad about myself. But they are so lucky with their weather I would love being there. How do you like the weather there? (Well that’s an obvious question!)

  10. Hey Mr. Jackson! I think it is pretty cool that you got to testify before the Ghanian government. How many classes do they have in school? By the way, did you ever tell the class that you were not Rooney? That computer lab looks pretty small. How big is it? Is the school just one or two rooms?

  11. Mr Jackson,
    I understand that many people think you are Rooney. I still don’t think you look like him. Does it get annoying having everybody think you’re Rooney? I understand that you went to a school today, and the schools are a lot different than school here. How much did the school uniforms cost? I also wonder how many computers are in the computer lab?

  12. How many rooms are in the school? and how many teachers and students total.Also why are most of the computers broken in the picture?

  13. Do all there schools have Uniforms? My old school had uniforms but not this school. Hows your stay is the weather okay? The Technology seems bad i might have to bring my laptop down there if i come and if they don’t have power a long core to charge it. But a life without technology sounds really fun I might wanna try it but i bet you i wont last. But i might try that if i sit outside this weekend because my house every room in my house has a T.V. ( It might work for a minute but I cant go that long without my phone or T.V. Hey Do you guys have Iphones down there. I love Iphones with all the apps and everything. TTYL Byeo

  14. What do the computer’s look like when you turn them on? Where they those really old ones? Wow Rooney again lol. Did you tell them you weren’t Wade Rooney? Why do they all dress the same? In the picture i don’t see any girls? Is it a boy only school? You got to be in a government conversation lucky. Is the government strict about there rules?

  15. I think that it is awesome that you got to testify in front of Ghanaian! What did you testify about? I though that when you said that we might be interested with the computer lab picture, I thought that it would be good, or have something interesting, not that! I wonder if they ever have used a computer during school or ever. That is sad that we have so much that we take for granted, 🙁 and they are so thankful and happy with what they have. I think that it is funny that another person mistook you for Rooney!! 🙂 I think that it would be cool to have an outdoor school, but only in nice weather! 😉 I think that I would enjoy hot weather, but not too hot!

  16. Sometimes I get caught up in that we have a good school and I do not think that other kids may not have the same thing . The computer lab they do not have a good one and we do sometime I think i just wanted everything and need to stop and asked my self I have a good life. I am glad to have a roof at my school. I have some questions for you Mr.Jackson do they teacher lan ats the same as you u. one more question are u having fun??

  17. Hey again Mr.Jackson, the school that you visited is definitely different from Berkshire. Something that I found interesting about that school is that they all are wearing the same clothes. Plus you have got to be kidding me about the computer lab I didn’t know it was that different. The life that we live here is definitely different than if I was to live there because, well they don’t have any cold weather so that is good for them. But there classrooms are a lot different than I expected, like there media center is kind of out dated. But anyway keep having fun

  18. Hey Mr.Jackson how was the meeting? What were some of the things that you guys talked about? Was the meeting like the meetings here in Birmingham, and where was it held? How were the kids who ran up to you dressed well, or were they wearing lower quality materials? (By Ghana Standards) Is the school have anything around it, or is it almost like a Barren Wasteland? What did the Classrooms look like in Ghana, were they decorated with cloths and quilts with multiple patterns. How do you get around, do you walk,drive,or take some other form of transportation? What would be you daily schedule be like if you had a “Full Plate”?

  19. Hi Mr.Jackson!
    First off, If I was called the same name twice I would’ve been really annoyed and start getting mad. But if it’s someone famous, I would take it was a compliment because you look like a famous person! The government must be so much different from the America’s educational government. Especially because they only stay in one class from for each subject.

  20. Hi Mr. Jackson! How many grades did the school teach, since we have three schools for the different grades? I think it would be cool to have a outdoor school, but only if the weather was always warm. It wouldn’t be good if the weather was too warm or too cold. I wouldn’t be able to concentrate. Did the school have only some grades or did they teach all grades? I still think it’s crazy that everybody keeps thinking you’re Rooney. It must be really annoying.

  21. Hi Mr. Jackson!
    First I want to say that I hope that you are having a great time and learning a lot! I think that it is really cool that a lot of people think that you look like a soccer player. I also now realize how much I have. I also think that it would be a lot easier for all of the students that the teachers move classes. I do realize that their school is a lot smaller than ours, but how do the teachers carry all of their teaching utensils? do they just have what they need in each classroom?
    Anyways, hope you’re having the time of you’re life

  22. Mr. Jackson how is it like to be in that school that is kind of poor and the kids. How did you think they felt about seeing you as an American because I bet some of them have never seen a white American before.

    They might have heard story’s about white people and how they enslaved black people and how they treated them.But now things are different from what they were before and we are all now friends.

  23. Hello,
    I just saw the picture, before reading and thought that we have a ton of electronics and Promethean boards while they have broken computers and white boards. They have the same outfit every day like a public school.
    Is the computer lab bigger than it seems? Is there about 3 or 7 rooms?
    It is very surprising to see kids so happy for what they have while kids in Berkshire hate school because they lost their phone. Do the kids complain?

  24. It is very cool that you met the African congress! Do many people get to do that? I mean you couldn’t just go meet the congress in America! It’s funny that mistook for Rooney again. But it must be cool being treated like a celebrity. Shaking everyone’s hands seems tiring. I probably could never do that. How is Ghana? Whats the weather like there, super warm? I wish I was there!

  25. Hey Mr. Jackson the Ghana trip sounds really fun and interesting so far. How ever I could not imagine living life without technology. I especially could not even wonder how going to school without technology would be like. I mean how do the people in Ghana work on computers work on projects and stuff. I mean really working on those computers with those broken keyboards. But anyway I was wondering if they can order new keyboards and computer stuff online or something and if they have a salary or if they are just vol-inters?

  26. I can’t believe that’s there computer and that what they use. I have a question, how many computers do they have and how many times do they use them because it don’t seem that they would have a lot. If that’s so i don’t know what i would do because i use the computer of phone or any other electronics every day. Also, where would they buy that computer and how much would it cost

  27. 3/27/14 (from 3/21 lesson plan)
    I think that the school should be bigger and taller for all the kids. I also think that the computers look like they need some help. The Plaza was very pretty and big!
    Your speech was really funny in the video. I think should run for president one day!

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