Robocop has your back!

I have been fascinated how Ghanaian women carry babies on their backs and also how they carry heavy objects on their head.
Today while visiting the market, I saw an unbelievably adorable child that wrapped her doll on her back to carry it…but upon closer review, it was not a normal was Robocop! I wish I had a picture of this girl, but I do have picture of how a mother carries her baby.

Early in the day, we visited a primary(elementary) school. During a visit with the youngest grade(4-5 yrs), I took the picture below. At first, the students were afraid. Then, one brave soul came up and touched my hand. After seeing that nothing happened to that child, they all wanted to touch me. Awesome kids!

In the afternoon, I played football(soccer) at the local field. I originally ran with some players from the local team. It turns out Ghana is very hot so running sprints on a soccer field is not ideal. Despite not being a team member, they let me practice with the team and only laughed when I did something really bad. While my appearance may resemble Wayne Rooney, my soccer skills do not:(


I ended the day with a farewell feast with the host school. I left them a few gifts and they gave some awesome African style dress clothes( you may see on Monday). This time, they demanded that I ate the whole meal with my hands. Thus, I ate fish, Banku, and avacado without the restrictions of silverware:).

Host teacher Alex Dadzie

Host teacher Alex Dadzie

10 thoughts on “Robocop has your back!

  1. Does the girl with the robocop thing know its robocop? When you went to go play soccer did you change into shorts? Hows the food? Anything better than red red?

  2. Hi Mr. Jackson.

    Glad to hear that you are having fun. I think that it is cool that you got to visit a school. Didn’t you already visit one already? The soccer field look really big from the picture! Did you ever get your power back?

    We are all waiting eagerly for your return!

  3. Does the girl know that she is carring a killer robot on her back? haha i guess not. And did you get dominated at soccer or where you better than rooney?
    I really like how much berk shire spirit thet guy has :).

  4. That is so cool that you gave Host Teacher Alex Dadzie one of are school shirts to hold up so it seems like hes apart of Berkshire! 🙂 I think that pic of you and the kids all around you is so cute with you and there big smile on your faces!!! Can’t wait to see you hope your having fun in Ghana cya soon!!!!! 🙂

  5. Awe! Those kids are totally adorable! I think that is very interesting how the women carry their children on their backs… It was nice of you to leave them some gifts, they were probably pretty happy! The soccer sounds fun, I didn’t know that Ghana had a local team, are they good? 🙂 We will see you on Monday!

  6. I also like how the mothers carry their children! I think that is is cool! I also think that how heavy the things that they carry is crazy! And on their heads too! I think that it is hilarious that they insisted that you ate your meal with just your hands! Did you have a great time? I was wondering why you were trading gifts…Until I realized! It has already been two weeks!!!! I am so going to miss Mrs. Guzman, but it will also be nice to have our teacher back. See you soon!!!

  7. Hey Mr. Jackson,

    Ghana is sounding really interesting. I hope I can visit some day. I wonder how the woman carried all that heavy stuff. It must give them a real workout. How much can they carry on their heads. I thought you’d be the kind of person who would be good at soccer.

    Can’t wait to see you on Monday!

  8. Hey Mr. J can’t wait for you to bring back some memories of the things you didn’t put in your blog. What kind of questions did the kids ask about the Great U.S.A ? did they ask who is the coolest guy you know because obviously that’s me Mr. Money In The Bank”. What kind of things did you get as a thank you present for visiting? Did you bring me back anything. See you Monday,

    -Mr. Money IN The Bank

  9. Mr. J,

    Your blog is amazing and so informative. I hope to have my kids post next week, even nthough you’ll be back. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    I want a Ghanaian funeral, too. What shape should our coffins be?

    Rick Joseph

    • I think it would have to be an iCoffin:). Thanks for sharing my blog with your students. This trip has been amazing!

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