My Question for the space interview
April 11, 2012, 1:22 am
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My school is one of six school districts in the world that gets to do an exciting skype with a astronaut on the ISS! To prepare for our “trip”, my teacher wants each of student in my class to think of interesting questions to ask the astronaut on the ISS. I thought through  my questions and I was wondering what life on a spaceship is really like.

How do you make food?  How are you able to sleep without floating?  I imagine the spacesip to be cold.  Is this true or does it feel like a normal living space?

Wonders for science class
April 11, 2012, 1:04 am
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Here is a link to my Questions about Astronomy page. I hope you enjoy it! http://cookwilkie11.wikis.birmingham.k12.mi.us/KAM10%27s+Question+about+Astronomy

My Swimming Video
April 9, 2012, 1:00 pm
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My Swimming Essay Here is the video I made for my swimming essay. I hope you enjoy it!

Swimming: A true olympic sport
March 18, 2012, 11:50 pm
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 Spalsh! The swimmers are off! My wonder is about how swimming became part of the Olympics.

I am digging underneath the surface of my inerest by checking and seaching many sources to help me come closer to my answer. Also I am watching some re-runs of the Olympics from the previous years to see how races went or how the crowd reacts to a centain team winning.

I am asking a lot of questions in the pursuit of trying to uncover my answer like: Have some people been opposed to having swimming as part of the Olympics? or How were the events chosen for the swimmers to swim? All the questions I have helped me further my reseach.

I am finding that swimming has been part of the Modern Olympics since they began in 1896. There were four events in 1896, the 100 meter freestyle, 500 meter freestyle, 1200 meter freestyle, and Sailors 100 meter freestyle (this event was open only to sailors in the Greek Royal Navy).

I am digging under the answers by asking for different opinions about why they think swimming entered the Olympics in the first place like why do you think competitive swimming was discovered? I like to hear the responses to what I asked and can’t wait to ask more people!

My strategies for digging deeper are trying to find more than just one answer. This helps me find out if the information I uncovered before was true or not, which is helpful to know before saying that  is true. I try to go deeper and deeper each day to get closer to the answer.

I am inviting others to my learning  journey by placing a link to the side of my blog, and if the people that visit my blog would like to explore about what a learning journal is, they could click on the link to my learning  jounral.

Some of my contributers, collaborators, editors, reflections, etc. are my friend’s reflections on how they would change my blog, which helps me make my blog stronger in so many ways. My teachers help me get further with my wonder by asking me questions about my work. They also help by giving use work time in class.

Do you have any suggestions for me? Comments? Questions?Any fun facts?  Please post them in my comment section. This will not only help my blog grow stronger, but it will help me as a learner.  Thanks! Remember…swimming has been and will always be a true olympic sport.  🙂




More Questions
March 7, 2012, 10:44 pm
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 Please review the comments that have been posted to your blog page.

  • How can you use these comment to further your studies?
  • I  use there comments to really think though my work and what I am doing with
    my work. Also there comments help me dig deeper in my work and where I am
    going with my work.
  • What questions can you ask tofurther clarify the comments?
  • How do the people who post the commands find out about our blogs?
  • How does this lead you to your next steps?
  • This leads me to my next steps because I can try to improve my work with the
    helpful comments that I received!

    2. Using the comments from Mr. Truss, what are your next steps with yourwonder? How does the messiness of learning help you? How does it hinder you?What do you need to know to help your next steps?
    . My next steps are going to be moving my wonder into a new area of swimming. It helps that he thinks learning is messy because nobody is perfect,
    and it helps me realize that not all my work has to be perfect, and if I put effort into it, That all that maters

Efforts and Achievements
February 13, 2012, 2:17 pm
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  1. My Wonder is: When was swimming a part of the olympics?

What claim(s) can you make about your Wonder, given your research to this point?Swimming has been part of the Modern Olympics since they began in 1896. There were four events in 1896, the 100 meter freestyle, 500 meter freestyle, 1200 meter freestyle, and Sailors 100 meter freestyle (this event was open only to sailors in the Greek Royal Navy).
What specificevidence have you uncovered to support your claim(s)? Please include evidence from all 3 categories:


  •  Swimming has been part of the Modern Olympics since they began in 1896. There were four events in 1896, the 100 meter freestyle, 500 meter freestyle, 1200 meter freestyle, and Sailors 100 meter freestyle (this event was open only to sailors in the Greek Royal Navy)


1896 was when swimming was included in the olympics and is still going on today, which is the year of 2012. Which means, swimming has been a part of the olympics for 116 years
personal experience (your small moments, or those of others)

  • I watch the olympics every year with my family, and always wonder when swimming was added to the olympic, and to finally know is so cool! One day, I hope to be in the olympics and to know the background of how the olympics where started is good info to know if i am going to go there one day!

Which of the REAL strategies have you used to verify the facts and data you are using as evidence (be sure to list all)?

  • A REAL strategy I have used to verify my work was going to sites that google recommended about my wonder. I used the strategy that tells you to check the URL code before trusting a site. I found that most of the sites I found with .org or .gov were the safest to be on and trustworthy to use!

More Fun Facts!
February 7, 2012, 1:46 am
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      About swimming:  

  • The Japanese won all the men’s titles except the 400-meter freestyle in the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics. Buster Crabbe won the 400-meter free.
  • Americans Nancy Hogshead and Carrie Steinseifer registered the first official tie in Olympic history in the 100-meter freestyle at the 1984 Olympics. They each recorded a time of 55.92
  • In the 1948 Olympics, the U.S. won every event in the swimming competition
  • Tracy Caulkins is the only swimmer ever, man or woman, to own American records in every stroke
  • Captain Matthew Webb of England was the first to swim the English Channel using the breaststroke.
  • Henry Sullivan, in 1923, was the first American to swim the English Channel.
  • Gertrude Ederle was still a teenager when she became the first woman to swim the English Channel on August 6, 1926. Not only did she swim the channel, but she broke the speed record held by a man.
  • Lance Larson, in lane four, appeared (according to photographs) to touch first at the finish of the 1960 (Rome Olympics) 100-metre freestyle swimming event. Yet John Devitt, in lane three, was awarded the gold medal.
  • The oldest form of stroke used is the breaststroke.
  • The most popular freestyle stroke is the crawl, considered the fastest stroke.

Reseach on my wonder
February 7, 2012, 1:21 am
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Go on my wonders page to find out and learn info about my wonder!

January 31, 2012, 10:42 pm
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  • Write a brief summary of the effort you put forth today to strengthen the foundation of your Wonder Work

             I put forth my best effort to try to dig deeper with my wonder by searching different sources and found a site  by the government that I linked to blog.  I strengthened my wonder by finding fun facts about the weather. 

  • How would you rate your effort, based on the rubric.

       I would rate my efforts a 4/4 because today I tired very hard to find more infomation about the weather and how at works. Also the weather helped me find a new wonder that I am dying to find out about and see where that takes me.

Make a bullet point list of the things you achieved during our time today

  • I found some fun facts about the weather that are posted on my blog.
  • I discovered more about my old wonder
  • I discoved a  new wonder I want  to find more about.
  • I updated my blog.


  • How would you rate your achievement, based on the rubric?

I would rate myself a 4/4 again because I feel I achieved a lot today and cannot wait to start again where I left off tomorrow.

  • Consider and list the next steps you will take during class tomorrow…

Try to find more about my new wonder.

More updating for my blog.


Fun Fact Time!
January 31, 2012, 2:03 pm
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    Some fun facts about weather are…..

Listening to the chirps of crickets can give you a rough estimate of what the temperature outdoors is on the Fahrenheit temperature scale. Count the amount of chirps you hear in fifteen seconds and add 37!

The hot and cold temperature extremes ever recorded on earth is over 260 degrees Fahrenheit!

Hot weather makes the human body sweat to cool itself off. It is called evaporative cooling!! So if you are hot, you are cooling your body off!

Every winter around one septillion snowflakes fall from the sky! That’s a one with 24 zeros following it!



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