Baby Jack!

Hi all! Baby Jack decided yesterday was a great day and came to join us at 11:48 last night! He is 7 pounds 5 ounces and is 20.5 inches long! Mom and baby are resting comfortably and I am just trying to wrap my head around this crazy time! What an unreal roller coaster experience! We are so lucky to have great friends to share this time with.

Looking forward to another wonderful school year! Thank you all for the great memories at Pierce and for all of your support. Please keep in touch and let me know if there is anything I can do to help out with the kids educational journey!

John, Kristine and Baby Jack

Thank You!

Thank you all for the wonderful book and gift cards.  I can’t describe the feeling of looking through the pages and seeing all the kids words.  It truly hit home how lucky I am to work with such great kids.  This year has been incredible!

I also wanted to touch base on the final presentations for Social Studies tomorrow.  We have been studying the regions of our country through a webquest (  As part of the presentation to the class, the groups need to have props to help them show about their region.  Things like food, music, plants, pictures, clothes and any other cultural items will work.  Many students have expressed interest in bringing in food for their presentation.  I told that it is a great idea but only of their parents agree too it!  Also, it is not necessary to bring in large amounts, just enough for the class to have a bite or two will work!  If you still have questions, feel free to look at the webquest, all requirements are laid out for the students.

Thank you again for all you do and have a wonderful night!

What a Great Night!

Thank you all for a great night last night!  To bad the Tigers lost! 🙁 If you have pictures to share send them along and I will post what I can!  Have a great last week of school!

Diversity project for next year!

We are excited to begin a new diversity project next year. This project is called, “We are the World-A year- long exploration of diversity.” The goal of this project is to make a personal connection with a classroom or family living in another country and explore with them how we are alike and different. Throughout the year classrooms will work in pairs to create a way to teach the partner country about our lives, and ask questions about their lives in order to discover similarities and differences. Monthly themes will be assigned to help guide their exploration.
The goal of this project is to develop a global perspective and our own identity by comparing ourselves to other countries around the world. We hope that students will develop appreciation, interest and empathy for people and communities around the world.
For this project to be successful we need your help making connections with classrooms or families living in other countries. If you know of an elementary age teacher or family with children living in another country, please let us know.
This contact will be asked to reply to our student’s questions each month around a particular topic such as “Our School.” They can send this information to us via email, US mail, Skype, or any other communication tool that they are comfortable with. In return, they will receive information from the students at Pierce around the same topic.
We are so excited for this project. If you can help, please contact Amanda Davidson, Pierce ESL Teacher.

Update for the week

Reminder! Tomorrow is the Tiger’s Outing! With so many people going, it will be easiest for us to meet at the park. We are sitting right by the score board, see you all there! I talked with the kids about wearing Tiger’s gear tomorrow to school, hopefully we will have a room of orange and blue!

Also tomorrow is the make-up walk to Dairy Deluxe. We will be leaving school a little after 2:00 and should be back no later than 2:40. There shouldn’t be rain tomorrow but it might be on the cooler side, so a light jacket might not be a bad idea just in case!

Thursday is FIELD DAY! We are yet to get a schedule of events but it will be in the afternoon. Even though it will not be very hot out, please make sure your child has sun screen on. We will be outside most of the day and there are very few trees around to hide under. I will bring some just in case!

Finally, we all have our last math review for the year. We will have a small assessment (quiz) Friday. It will be are last major math grade of the year; we will still be having some worksheets and such till the end of the year.

See you all tomorrow! I am looking forward to relaxing and spending time with everyone outside of the classroom walls! Go Tigers!

2 Tiger Tickets available

Due to baseball playoffs, a student is unable to attend tomorrow’s Tiger game. The family is offering the tickets free of charge to anyone who has family members that would like to go. There are two tickets available. Please let me know if you can use them! First come first serve!

Compass Learning Available this SUMMER! -From Mr. P

Compass Odyssey OnLine Learning

Come learn about this free, exciting, summer math program on
Thursday, June 6th at 6:00 in the Pierce Media Center.

Personalized Anytime Learning: Students can learn and practice anytime and anywhere an internet connection is available! The activities have been per-determined by the student’s performance on the NWEA math test. The program selects activities that the student has demonstrated they are ready to learn.

Personalized Support: Need help with a particular type of problem, more challenging work, or something a little easier? E-mail Mr. Pruzinsky all summer long ( or come to Groves HS on Tuesday’s from 4 – 5 (beginning on June 25th) in Computer Lab C-1 to get help.

Who: All Pierce students have access to Compass Learning this summer, and students who have participated in Math Lab, Morning Math Club, and 5+ Math are being specifically asked to participate this summer.

What: Compass Learning is an online learning tool that combines math instruction, practice and assessment. Students log-on to their own personal Compass account through the Birmingham Schools webpage, select “Staff Only” on the left hand side of the main web-page, and then pick “Compass Learning” to get in.

When: Students can log-on any time to work on their own personal learning path. Additionally, from 4 -5 pm on Tuesdays at Groves (beginning on June 25th), a Pierce teacher will be available to monitor and assist students in their learning.

Where: Anywhere a computer and internet is available as well as at Groves HS on Tuesday afternoons from 4 – 5 in computer lab C-1.

Why: To give students an opportunity to continue their math learning throughout the summer.

Questions: Contact Danny Pruzinsky at or attend an informational meeting on Thursday, June 6th at 6:00 in the Pierce Media Center/Computer Lab (students welcome)