Theme: A Sense of Fairness

Part 1

Turn to page 314-315 in your Language an d Literature textbook.  Read the quote and IN YOUR BLOG respond to the questions below.

1. What do you think Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. means in this quotation,

” We must move past indecision to action” ?

2. How would YOU define a sense of fairness?

3.  What do you think the people in the picture on page 315 are doing, and how does it relate to a sense of fairness?  Explain.

4.  How doe you overcome the barriers you must face?  Do you get advice frome freinds and families? Do you write? Do you excersise and take time to think? Do you find courage inside?  Explain.

Part 2

In this unit, you are going to think and write about “fairness.”  What does it mean to you?  When have you or someone you know been treated fairly and unfairly? How do you feel when you have been treated fairly? How do you fel when you have been treated unfairly.  Write a post about your feelings on fairness. This must be at least two paragraphs in length. One paragraph that defines fairness for you and one paragraph with an example of fairness that you have experienced.


Part 3

Reading short stories…

Below are the stories we will read in our Literature book about, fairness.  As we read you will add onto your post with examples of “fairness” from each story.

“Abd al-Rahman Ibrahima,” Literature and Language, (page 365)

Assignment linked here.

“The Wolf and the Housedog,” Aesop, Literature and Language

First, learn about AESOP here…


Second, read The Wolf in the Housedog in your textbook (page 376-377).

Or, watch the Youtube link here:

Third, review the links below to learn more about AESOP and his other fables.

Fourth, complete the assignmnent linked here and turn in. You were also given this assignment in class.


Words on a Page”, Literature and Language(page 614)

The Story of My Life

High-Tech Helping Hands

Street Corner Flight

Words Like Freedom

Who is your Reader?

The Jacket


The Watsons go to Birmingham – 1963


Part 4

Criterion Writing Assginment


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