The Watson’s go to Birmingham — 1963 Blog Post #2

Once you have completed the second reading assignment (Chapters 6-10) in The Watsons go to Birmingham—1963, please respond to the following journal with at least 10 sentences in length.

Have you ever been on a road trip?  It could have been for an hour, three hours, or 24 hours or more in length.  Write about your experience answering some or all of the following questions:

  • Where did you go? 
  • Did you make any stops?  Why/Where?
  • Who was on the road trip with you? 
  • Why were you on the road trip?
  • Was it a good experience?  Why or why not?

Then, please reply to two other students’ blog post.   Focus your comments on their response (ie.  I agree with you because….. or I disagree with you because….)

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