Students put into Amazon Rainforest groups!

Today the students were put into group of 4 to 5 students, based on one of the six groups competing for resources in the Amazon Rainforest.  These groups are as follows:  Native Amazonians, Rubber Tappers, Loggers, Cattle Ranchers, Settlers, and Environmentalists.  Each of these groups have an interest in preserving or using the resources of the Amazon rainforest.

The student groups will need to create a short news report to teach the rest of the class about their group’s interests.  Today most classes got into their groups and started the research.  Groups read their section in the textbook and then filled in the information on pages 102 or 103 of Interactive Student Notebook.

Tomorrow the groups will continue working on research and preparation for their short newscasts.  I am attaching the handout that they will receive tomorrow with the exact description of the activity.  GA_LM_IM_12-1yolnip


I continue to work on scoring the Mexico City News Articles.  I have finished 1st and 2nd hour and am working my way through 4th hour.  Please check Powerschool to see your child’s grade.

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