Students received their 8th grade scheduling packets today!

During the latter half of each class today, our counselors came into the classroom to present the paperwork and options for 8th grade scheduling.  Each student received a packet of information along with detailed instructions on how to fill it out.  Please ask them about it, so you can provide them with any input or guidance.  The forms are due back to school by Friday February 9th.  The counselors suggested that students not wait until that date to turn them back in.  In fact, they encourage the students to return them filled out and signed by parents as soon as they can.  Better early than late.  These forms should be returned to school and given to their science teacher, as they will be entering the information into Powerschool during their science class the week of February 12th.  The counselors also recommended that students who do not know their Powerschool login and password should stop in the counseling office soon to get that information.  They will need it for scheduling.

Since scheduling information took priority over regular class, we were only able to work on the preview activity for chapter 14 which you can find on page 120 of the Interactive Student Notebook.

S. Levitt


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