Collected and scored student’s Interactive Notebooks!

Today I collected all of the Interactive Notebooks from every student.  I was looking at pages 127 through 130, which include the geography terms for this chapter, along with the 3 population dilemmas I asked them to read about yesterday.  Please take a moment to check Powerschool for your child’s score.  If they were absent today, please remind them to turn it in to me tomorrow for scoring.  Please also note that students that absent are responsible for finding out what they missed and getting that work done.  They will have an additional day, but it is still their responsibility.  

Today we had a really interesting discussion about some of the reasons/causes of the drop in birthrates around the world.  Some of those reasons/causes are listed below.

  1.  Prosperity:  Countries that are economically successful will see a decline in birthrates.
  2. Womens’ Rights:  Women are going to university at a much higher rate than just 50 years ago, therefore they are also more than half the workforce.  Women who are educated and working tend to have less children than their predecessors.
  3. Birth Control:  Access to birth control have led to a 70% drop in unwanted pregnancies between married couples.
  4. Divorce:  People are divorcing at a rate near or above 50%.  Couples that are more likely to get divorced are less likely to have children.

Check out this link for some really interesting facts and figures regarding a declining birthrate around the world.

The paradox of this whole problem is that many of the reasons above are results of successes of science, society, etc.

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