½ Day tomorrow for students!

I wanted to remind you that tomorrow is a ½ day for students, which means that dismissal will be at 11:25am.  This also marks the end of the 3rd marking period for Derby.  All scores, grades, and comments will be available for viewing on Powerschool by Monday at 12pm.

Today in class all students worked on pages 178 & 179 in the Interactive Student Notebook.  This accompanied textbook reading pages 314 through pages 319.  This work is a prelude to a partner project which will have the students creating an electronic brochure/pamphlet about 1 of 3 micro-enterprises in Africa.  We will be utilizing Microsoft Publisher.  The three micro-enterprises are as follows:

  • Grinding Peanuts in Mali
  • Selling in Uganda’s “Poor mans market”
  • Cooking up comfort food in Botswana

I have included two attachments to this post.  One is an explanation of what the assignment entails and the other is a rubric for the actual assignment.

Rubric for brochure[1]-2jyovfs

GA_LM_SH_21 copy-2n6v6kq



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