Tortoise Reflection

People smuggle animals from all different places in the world. Where they usually bring these animals is to America. How they do this is by first getting the animals and then secretly hid these animals and go across the border. If I could stop all of this I would.

This is about my reflection on my wonder work and process for it.


  • How are you digging underneath the surface of your chosen issue, problem, challenge, question, or interest?     I have dug under the surface when I asked Mike who works at a local pet store about animal smuggling. I asked him several questions and got good information back.
    • What questions are you asking?      I am now asking questions about animal smuggling because I have moved on to that subject matter.
    • What information are you finding?    I am finding information about what kinds of animals are being smuggled and where are they being smuggled from. I am also learning about where those animals go.
  • How are you digging underneath the answers and information, to discover more?     I am digging underneath by asking people questions and by researching.
    • What are your strategies for deeper discovery?    One strategy is to maybe ask another expert hopefully.
  • How are you inviting others into your learning journey? Who are your contributors, collaborators, editors, reflectors, challengers…who help to strengthen your work?    I am inviting others into my journey by asking them questions about my topic. Some people who have helped me with this all is my teachers, mike, the vet of the Detroit zoo and a worker from the pet store where I got my tortoise.

If you have any questions please comment me back.

My Reflection

  • Write a brief summary of the effort you put forth today to strengthen the foundation of your Wonder Work       Today I got some work done on my blog and Wonder Work.  The reason I say this is because I had some technical difficulties. For both periods of class work I had a computer that wouldn’t work. I figured this out though at the end. I still have a lot more to go but at least I got some work done at least not any.
  • How would you rate your effort, based on the rubric?   I would rate it a 5. I say this because I tried hard and did my best effort. I mean it’s not my fault that some computers weren’t working.
  • Make a bullet point list of the things you achieved during our time today
  • I published a page
  • I started on a new page and am almost done
  • I overcame my problems and fixed almost everything
  • How would you rate your achievement, based on the rubric? I would rate my achievement a 3. I would rate it this because I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to get done because of the problems but that’s okay for me.
  • Consider and list the next steps you will take during class tomorrow…    Tomorrow I will finish one page I started and then start a new page. Hopefully finishing that one to. Then I can fix my blog up more and dig deeper into my wonder and ask more questions on it.

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