Why Do I Matter To The World?


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It’s funny now just thinking about what my teacher said in class a few days ago, about how our wiki page hits have almost doubled since we started our Twitter, blogs, and really digging deeper into our curiosities. I wonder why people are so interested in a class of 5th and 6th graders from MI. I mean, there’s probably a gazillion 5th and 6th grade classes out there, so why do they want to see OUR work out of all the other amazing things those other gazillion kids are doing? It makes you think about the work you’re doing. It’s on the Internet, so anyone can see it. But what I don’t understand why they would want to look into MY work. In some standards I’m very technologically advanced, but in others I’m just another average kid. It makes you think “What makes me so special out of everybody else? Why do I matter to the world?”.

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Great, great questions. I am an assistant principal and when I encourage our teachers, many of whom are good at using technology too, to share, they sometimes ask why what they’re doing is special. To help you understand, I am in a room with 25 other teachers and we are all looking at YOUR blogs. You MUST be doing something that other schools aren’t! You should feel…distinguished…advanced…COOL!

Here are my questions about your wonder: What are examples of technology that you use that you think are common everywhere else? How do you wish you could your technology in a different way? What are the limits of using too much technology? What is it an advantage to use Twitter or Facebook to share what you’re doing in your class? How else can students in your class share what they’re doing?

Joe R.,

Thank you for the comments! All of your questions make sense to me. It was fun for me to find your comment waiting for me when I logged on. It was even better when I saw what you thought about my blog. The questions are really making me think long and hard about what I post and my wonder. Thanks again for the comments!

Dear LGS1,
Your wonders are contagious and inspiring! You have an amazing way of looking at the world, questioning, and reflecting on life. Wonder and curiosity will continue to motivate you to read, learn, and share your knowledge with others. Your thoughts, ideas, and work matter!! Thank you for the opportunity to learn from you. You’ve got me wondering about the shape of the planets. I’ve never questioned why they are round. You inspired me to take a closer look at life, think deeply, and wonder!

Dear Mrs. Rabbat,

Thank you for the comments. Your way of telling me what you liked and what you think I can improve on without flat-out saying exactly what you thought. I was aiming for exactly what I understand you got; people to be inspired and be encouraged to wonder! Thanks again for the comments!

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