My space question

here ar some questions that i want to know about space:

1. what new technology are we making or what technology do we need to advance in space exploration, how would these things help?

2. what is the U.S doing to keep up with space science, what are w looking for?

Todays Question

Monday, March 26:
1. Up to now what have you learned about your wonder? How did you find this information? What did you do?
i have learne almost everything that i want to know about my wonder now i am just looking into the detales. to find this information i had to look  it up online and   ask lots of questions.

2. What do you still want to know about your wonder? What is your plan for finding this information? What have you already done to try and find this information? Did it work? Why or why not?
i still want to know how things happen and he detales of what is going on in your brain.

Finding answers

I have been working  on finding answers to a very big question, what changes the way that we think. while looking for this answer i have come accross many good sites and many un reliable sourses I have been asking lots of questions that have leed my to the answer of the over all question.

i have been asking some questions along the lines of what do i needd to know to answer this, what are some related topics that could help me find answers, and what is anouther way to say this in another way. those are only some of the questions that i needed to ask to even come close to a potential question. While asking these questions i have come accross some informatiom that could help me with my serch. i have found places that give very interesting facts that i did not know before. For example did you know that you will copy or become like the seven people that you are arround the most or that exersize may make you smarter. some other things that i have learned are that a childs brain is not fully developed so that what you do from a young adge will affect you later on and your habbits from a young abge may stick with you forever. these are just some things that i have sked and found answers to.