Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Today we ahd muisc tryouts a d high school sudents are coming and we have for homework. spelling finsh packet and a math page it is a fratoins page read 40 + log finsh reading log.


Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Today we have a file folder and are progress reports and a fractions page. Read 40 + log. do wwp and get cheked. high school helpers come at 2:00


Finsh biography done by tom and on friday DIA ya!


Finish our ceramic pigs in art class.


be on our best behavior since Mr. Maldonado is gone on Thursday.  🙂




Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

today was a rain day. and we just have math page and a reading and we have spelling test back.And we have spelling bacit

4-29-14 Rain rain go away!

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Today is A day so we have gym. We have a sub at gym because our teacher Mrs. G had a hip surgery.  🙁

In social studies the groups picked their cities for the podcasts.  My group picked Philadelphia!  We now have to learn more about our cities and write about them.

In science we dumped out our vials from the mock rocks lesson and now we are going to see what kind of minerals are in them.

We read about minerals and how they are taken out of the ground and used.

In math we multiplied fractions, did math journal pages, and worked at our math centers.

Math homework tonight is to work on File Folder pages, take home math journals, and complete 6.7 front and back.

In reading we are reading Who Was Harry Houdni. Harry Houdini is a magician, movie star, a pilot, an acrobat, a writer, and a escape artist.



Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

Today was Pizza Day at lunch so the lines were really long.                                                                                                          4-28-14

In social studies we did podcast groups. First the students had to get i a group, then they had to pick a city to research on.

For science we have to dump out these rocks that have been in these capsules we put them in to see what minerals were in them.

For homework we have file folders, spelling, and reading.

Happy Earth Day! 2014

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

Happy Earth day! Today most of us are wearing green and we are also doing a scavenger hunt about the earth! One in the morning which is in the A.M. in the classroom. One in the P.M. which is all over the school grounds!

We are having a waste free raffle at lunch today as well. In Mr. Maldnado’s class if you win the raffle (prize is a $5 gift card.) he will double it! At recess we will be helping the earth by cleaning up the school. Tomorrow we are doing the Team Building, with 2 Groves students.

for homework you need to do 1 file folder, 6.4 fractions, Possibly Math Journal page if not finished in class, Wordly Wise spelling Packet should be done, and read 20 minutes at least. Please make sure you do these things tonight.

Happy Earth Day!    <(^-^<)    <(^-^)>      (>^-^)>

Classroom activities

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

Tonight for homework is one file folder, fractions 6.3, 3 math pages, and read at least 20 minutes.

Tomorrow, It’s EARTH DAY! For recess we’ll be looking for trash, and litter before you play. Also please wear green.

This Wednesday, will be Insturment Night, where we will try out all kinds of Insterments, and decide to join Band or Orchestra. during school we will also be doing Team Building with High School students.

Today, we read chapter 5 of  Who Was Harry Houdini. And we’re learning about fractions in math. Today was a C day, Music, Spanish, and Media Center. Tomorrow will be a D day, Art. 

Science Mock Rocks!

Saturday, March 29th, 2014

Today in Science we started a new unit on Geology.  We used scales to find out the weight of mock (fake) rocks.  We also worked on making observations of the properties of our rocks.  Some of us got to enjoy eating some rocks too!  They tasted like candy.  Yum!!!Geology


Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

So today we lerned about us customary so like tons pounds ounces. Are homework today is finishing are math jornal page 180 and 179. In social studies we learned about the past of NYC. The people who won the fish there taking them home today. Were gonna read 40 mins dont forget to fill out your reading log. Today the bookfair is open. Were done  with wings of fire but we still have the epiloge. dont forget to read books for March. also we have to finished our wordly wise packet. are specail for today is PE.


test tommarow on wings of fire.


Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

So today is Saint Patricks Day and we still have school !!! So are homework is to finish are Wordly Wise packet were goona read for 40 mins. Were almost done with Wings of Fire were on chapter 34. Are math for today is 5.4 its all about U.S. Customary so for example (yards feet inchs) stuff like that. For science were suposed to raffle off are fih that are still alive sense were done with aquriams and terriams weere gonna let our bettles go that are also still alive. don’t forget to read more books and for are class we won all for books and we get to silly sting our teacher! The book fair will be open for confrences Tuseday Wensday tursday and Friday. We have half days for Wensday and Tursday.

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