I’m back!!!!

I have some more questions I have to answer about my wonder.  “Why is litter a problem?”

Monday, March 12:
As you reflect on your journey of discovery about your Wonder(s), consider the posts, comments & responses on your blog.
Respond to the following questions as a new post on your blog. Keep in mind, your post can include text, audio and images. Please be as detailed and descriptive as possible when drafting your post. This MATTERS!

  • Give it a meaningful title and a brief introduction.
  • Think carefully about how you’ll respond to each question
  • Write your responseswith as much detail as possible (remember, you are working to make your thinking & process clear to others)
    • How are you digging underneath the surface of your chosen issue, problem, challenge, question, or interest? I am trying to make an effort to stop litter
    • What questions are you asking? I am asking how I can do something to stop litter other than picking it up myself.
    • What information are you finding? I am finding how to stop litter.
    • How are you digging underneath the answers and information, to discover more? I am telling my friends and hoping we can spread the word.
      • What are your strategies for deeper discovery?
    • How are you inviting others into your learning journey? Who are your contributors, collaborators, editors, reflectors, challengers…who help to strengthen your work? How can we stop litter?
  • Litter is a serious problem that needs to be stopped.  Please comment if you believe that too.


Whats your Question…Answers

  • What efforts have you made to address your Wonder this week?

I have made a lot of effort, I feel like I have done more then I thought I would and found new things.

  • What achievements have you made?

Like I said I have done a lot more then I thought I would like learning more about littering, finding new websites and pretty much ready to begin my essay.

  • How would you score yourself for each?

Proabaly a 3 or a 4.  I have done more then I thought I would and that feels great!

  • Reflecting on our discussion in class, what “tweaks” might make this rubric work better for you?
    • If it was more specific.


  • Write a brief summary of the effort you put forth today to strengthen the foundation of your Wonder Work

I have tried to learn more about why littering is a problem and
how I can try to stop it. I found new facts and found a pdf that I posted
earlier today.

  • How would you rate your effort, based on the rubric?

I would rate my effort a 3 because I think that
I have tried hard but probably could have tried harder then I was.

  • Make a bullet point list of the things you achieved during our
    time today
  • I have found more info on littering and why it is a problem
  • I have updated my blog on some of the facts
  • I made my blog easier to reach all of the information about my
  • How would you rate your achievement, based on the rubric?
  • For achievement I would rate myself a 3 too.  I have found facts but probably should keep
    searching for facts.
  • Consider and list the next steps you will take during class

Keep searching to make my wonder and thesis statement

Post what I find on my blog

Make the blog easier and better to look at

I might help my friends find information on their
wonder if I am all done

Todays Question

Jan 30: Posting Claim(s) & Evidence
As you consider the research you’ve done to this point on your Wonder, please respond to the following with thoughtful, rich and complete posts:

  1. Where do you see Science in your Wonder?

I see science in my wonder because it has everthing to do with the earth and right now in my class we are learnig about Earth Science.

  1. What claim(s) can you make about your Wonder, given your research to this point?

You don’t feel the Earth spin because you, the atmosphere, skyscrapers, and everything else are spinning along with the Earth at the same constant speed.

  • What specificevidence have you uncovered to support your claim(s)? Please include evidence from all 3 categories:
  • This website has some paragraphs that are pretty useful http://earthsky.org/earth/why-cant-we-feel-earths-spin
  • My personal expirence is watching some other people do this wonder too.
  1. Which of the REAL strategies have you used to verify the facts and data you are using as evidence (be sure to list all)?

I have used the R read the url.  It is useful because then I won’t try to use a very bad website that has something to do with commercial advertising.  I also do E examine the content, if it has some kind of website url in the middle of the content like some websites do then I know it may not be a useful website.  I also do L look at the links.  I see if they have any other pages that will lead me to a good webite that will give me useful information.

I have tried to make sure that the site is credible and has good information that I have found from at least one other website.