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At the DIA with my Dad and my brothers!!!

It was in the morning like by 9:00 when I woke up like a slug walking on a log,When i got up I was kind of glad that it was Sunday because Saturday went so fast.Then I ran down my steps to go downstairs and sat myself on the couch.What I was doing on the couch was that I was reading a book called Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce.But i hadn’t even notice my dad on his phone reading the news or something so i just said hi,But right after that he was booming and said that we are going to the DIA with my brothers and that we are going to see the Star Wars costumes well that made me exited because Star Wars is my favorite movie series.Then when it was almost time to go my dad asked if my mom would like to come but she said no for some reason.But we all forgot to feed the cats at our neighbors house and one of my brothers wanted to walk and one of them wanted to drive and I wanted to walk,It was completely useless to drive to the cats house because they were like 3 houses to our left so one of my brothers and my dad drove there meanwhile me and my other brother walked there,But we got there first because they forgot to get the key(I actually don’t know i was doing it because I’m allergic to cats.)After that was done we went in the car and we drove to the DSO it was a long time to get there but luckily my dad told stores of when he lived in Detroit.When we got there we got our tickets and went straight to the StarWars event.It was also cool because that was the first day of the StarWars event.When we got there we got to learn the colors textures and shape of how to make the suits and costumes.After it there was a gift shop so one of my brothers got a bracelet and my other brother got a RTD2 cup while I got a RTD2 coaster.After we got out of the gift shop and buy our stuff we went to the cafe so I got a ice-cream sandwich and my brother got a water and ice-cream and my other brother got water and my dad got water and a surgery drink after we ate we went straight home and played Roblox and Minecraft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The perfect day

I sat in my bed as I got ready to play my favorite electronic game when all of a sudden my dad blurted “Bella do you want to play tennis with Alyssa!” I popped up from my bed and looked up at the ceiling and wondered if Alyssa knew this was going to happen. Alyssa is my best friend. my mom and I went to the place where I have my tennis classes every Tuesday and Thursday. I had figured out that’s were Alyssa’s sister plays her tennis tournament. The first vision of seeing me at her sister’s tournament was incredible. she squeezed the guts out of me. After that business, we went to my house and partied.

World best ice cream🍦

After school yesterday I was a excited has a puppy running throw a field.Two of my friends won a the auction to do board games after school with there teacher.They got to each pick one person to come with them.One of them picked me.After my mom told me the news I was as happy and excited as I could be.I met up with the friend and went over to the classroom.I put my backpack down and the first thing that caught my eye was topping for ice cream.One of the teachers walked in with vanilla ice cream.I stared on it while she put it down.Come get your ice cream as they finished setting it up. A happily skipped in line.I heard it tell me to come over.With my Mouth  Watering I put on a mound of toppings.I stuck my spoon in and ate.It was delicious and I wanted to saver it but we all know ice cream melts.That was the best spoon full of ice cream I have ever had.


Yesterday my friend had a sleepover at my house and we watched a movie and the day after we went to a country club and then went to his friends grampas house and went on a boat that was our fun weekend and we still have  Monday.

My Parents Are Home!

“Lauren and Jonathan your mom and dad are here.” Their here their here! I think to my self. I jumped excitedly off of the couch and ran to the door. I threw myself into my moms arms and said “I missed you guys so much.” “Did you get me anything?” I say. “Go look” she said with a smile. I ran to the car opened the door and their I saw an American Girl Doll set just waiting to be played with. “Thank you thank you” I yell in excitement.” Did you get me anything?” My brother said. And he did the same thing as me just he got a Lego set. And we drove home exited to play with what we got.


today I was playing the astros and they are not that easy.I was pitching and all of a sudden their was a pop up in the air I ran as fast as I could it looked liked it went in to outer space and then I slid and I caught the ball.and then I was a stealing machine and trying to get the pitcher to throw it to the base and scored one time but not the other and we won 15-4.

Going To A Soccer Game!

My family, some friends, and I went out to dinner. Then went to a Detroit FC soccer game. When we got there we thought that we couldn’t get a seat because there were so many people there. First we went to the bleachers and everybody was standing up and we were in the very back row. Then we wanted to go to the other side. We walked all the way around the field to were everybody was sitting down and they were calm. Right when we got the good seats half time had just ended. Then the score was only 0 to 0. Then POW, BAM, SMACK, the crowed went wild! Detroit FC got the winning goal, we all screamed.

Tubing Fun

“I am so scared to go tubing, I have never went tubing before!” It was so crazy how scared I was.

“Can you go slow please?” I asked the driver. He said yes. Thank goodness!

“All right Its your turn” my dad said. I slowly got on the tube. We started off slow then we got a little faster, and faster, and faster.

“AAaaa!” I yell. It started to get bumpy so I rose my hand. But then all of the sudden…

“SPLASH!!” I fell right into the water. The boat stopped so I could get back on. I was on with my friend. Then we stopped we were on the tube for a while so we had to get off.

” That was insane!” I said when I got off.



“Guys, do you want to up north tonight instead of tomorrow?” My mom asked. We were at my house, talking in the back yard. We were going to go up north the next day but my neighbor suggested we should go up that night.

“Yes!” I screamed, “Please, please, please!” “Yes!” my brother said. In my head I thought “Yes, thank you neighbor.” “If we are going right now, go pack,” my mom said. I was so happy I felt like I was about to explode.

We ran up the stairs and got ready to leave. I could not wait to start my weekend early and see my grandparents. We left that night and had a great time at our cottage in Leland.

Blue Jay attack

When I got out of my friend’s car I felt something hit my head. I thought one of my friends threw something at me. Then I realized it was a Blue Jay. It’s talons hit my head and my friend’s Mom freaked out and came to check on me. There was no blood or scratches. After, she checked my head, I went inside my house and got ice. It stung a lot when I put the ice on.

There is a Blue Jay nest right next to our side door. My Mom almost got hit by the Blue Jay yesterday. The Blue Jay started squawking at us a few weeks ago. There are several babies in the nest. We think the Daddy Blue Jay is being over protective, now that the babies are learning how to fly and about to leave the nest. We hope the Blue Jay and it’s babies will leave soon. Those birds are not very friendly.