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August 2018
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Living On A New Planet

Here is a video.Living on a New Planet

International Space Station Question

Is it true that you guys have too eat food out of cans?

Can you look at windows?  If you can what is the coolest sight that you have ever seen?-Can you possibly put the computer in front of the Window?


Matt B.

New Wonder- Constellations

How do people chart constellations?  When was the most recent standard Constellation added?  I think that this would be a pretty interesting thing to learn how to do.



Deeper Dicoveries

I am thinking about changing my wonder.  I am not sure yet what I will do.  But for now I am going to keep digging deep in my current wonder.

–The questions that I have been asking to dig deep are things like this:

-Does this make sense?

-Is their more to this story

-Can I dig deeper?

-Can I put this into words that make more sense?

The information that I have been finding with these questions is that we can live on a new planet.  It is 20 light years away.  It is a red dwarf planet.  I have also learned that It would be worth it to go to a new planet.  The new planet, Gliese 581g is 3 times larger than Earth. 

My strategies for deeper discovery is to email NASA, if possible, and ask for more information.  I also know that our space program is seriously fading.  I am inviting more people to join by telling people to feel free to comment, and I am trying to make links to take people to my blog.

That is how I plan to get deeper discoveries.  If anyone has anything to say, feel free to say it.

The Benefits

There are many benefits of going to a new planet.  There are also many supporting reasons.  It could save and change lives.  The air quality will be better and prevent lung cancer and other ideas.  The water will also be of a better quality will make people more healthy.  There will be opportunities for a new start.  There will also be a cleaner world, and not as much of population problems.  It would provide new starts.


For Schoolio

The Claims:  I can make many claims about my wonder.  The biggest one is that I am almost positive we can live on a new planet.  Another one is that it is in the potentially habitable zone.

Specific Evidence:  The specific evidence that I have is that Gliese 581g is in the potentially habitable zone.   This is confirmed by NASA.  More evidence is that this planet looks very much like Earth, according to scientific evidence, again on NASA.

Sources:   YELLOW LIGHT SIGHT,8599,2022489,00.html

Specific Strategies:  I have used all the real strategies.  The biggest and most use ful one has been To Read the url.  I have used all of the ways slightly though.

Nasa and their Perception

The link above is from the NASA website.  It talks about Gliese and how it can sustain life.  The planet may also contain water, which may be evidence of lifeforms on this sort of mysterious planet.  My guess is that there is life, no humans, only bacteria and micro-organisms in the water.  That would be like Earth before people.  I think that we could get there.  GO NASA.


I think that I have been putting in good effort on my wonder. I would give myself a four point 5 out of 5. I would do this because I stayed on topic and did only slightly get distracted.

Today I was only slightly distracted. I was distracted by helping others add widgets, but at least it was helping someone. I found a new website with good info and it helped me understand the planets a little better. I was able to do some new posts and add a clustr map. (yes, clustr map).

Things that I acheived:

  • I added a clustr map
  • I found a new website about my wonder
  • I added some new posts about my wonder
  • I helped Kate and Anika add widgets/clustrmap
  • I figured out that we would have to bend the law of physics to achieve the goal, but possible.
  • I had a good time.

I would rate my achievement a 4.5.  I would do this because I thought that I used my time very well.  I also added new posts.  I stayed on my topic and found a new good news report.  I think that It was a good day.

Tomorrow I will achieve many things.  First I will try to find some new information.  Then I will use the real strategies to make sure that it’s reliable.  I will then record it on my blog.  It will be a success if I do these steps.

What Would Happen?

What would happen. What would happen if people from Earth met and people from Gliese 581g met. Would there be a war for power, or peace. It would be good if we met at Gliese because there surface area is 3 times as much as Earths. I think that it could be a solution to over population and pollution problems. There are other stars near it, and who knows, maybe those are habitable to life to. I have noticed that there a lot of who knows in Earth, and it will always be like that

Bending Physics?

I just learned that we would have to bend physics to get there. The fastest space crafts only goes 17,500 mph, and we have to go light speed. It is still not impossible though. The gas tank would have to be huge, unless there are gas stations in space. (there actually are some though). It would be hard, but posssible.

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