Do Astronauts See Nebulas

Digital Story

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This is the link to my digital story

ISS Question

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So for science we are submitting questions, the best few are going to talk to the astronauts on the international space station (the ISS) using skpe.

So here is my question, when we search up stars, sometimes we think of what are we call a nebula.

We do not see them in our normal night sky, so I wonder if you guys see them from where you are.

Marvelous Mantle

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I think that shells are made because a part of the mantle secrets protein and layers the shells at the margin, that also means that all shells are different. no shell can be the same because they are all made with different sized layers, but all shells are made the same way from a material  in the mantle.

Since i have have found then answer to my wonder so i decided to take on a new wonder about what i love. i love to play my trumpet and drums and have fun with music, it is one of my favorite pass times. So i came up with a wonder, how was music invented. i hope that this wonder will take some time and let me explore a-lot about music.

Partial Answer To Wonder

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As you know my wonder is how are shells made and i found a guy named Francis Horne, a biologist who studies shell formation at Texas State University and this is what he said.

” Mantle tissue that is located under and in contact with the shell secretes proteins and mineral extracellularly to form the shell. Think of laying down steel (protein) and pouring concrete (mineral) over it. Thus, seashells grow from the bottom up, or by adding material at the margins”


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Hole-y Cheese?

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A couple of days ago I had a wonder at the market, and it got answered. This told me that wonders do not have to take a while to find out – You can find out the answers to some wonders in less than five minutes!


Here was my wonder: Why does swiss cheese have holes in it?

here is the story

It started at the market when we were getting munster cheese for my sandwiches when I asked my mom, “Why does swiss cheese have holes in it?” She said that the mice had gotten to it, but I really did not believe that. So when the guy came out and handed us our cheese, I asked him. The guy said that the Swiss tried to steal the recipe for fontina cheese. Once they got the recipe, they took it back to Switzerland, where they tried and tried and tried but could not make it right. It tasted goid but because they did not have a strong enough press, when they pressed the cheese air was left in it. These pockets of air made are what make the cheese look like it has “holes” in every slice. After they tried and tried and tried to get rid of the air pockets, they finally gave up and left the air in it, and changed the name to Swiss cheese. That is why there are holes in Swiss cheese: from the air bubbles that are trapped inside when the cheese is made!

I give thanks to Micheal Dangel at Market Square on 14 mile & Southfield Rd for helping me find the answer to my wonder.


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happy monday

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I hope you you had a great new year and a happy holiday. :0) have a great day today i did alittle more with the blog, I hope you like.

Hello world!

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