Building a Solid Foundation

December 18, 2009

Many children are able to solve simple math facts but use inefficient strategies (counting on their fingers) to find the correct answer. Using these strategies may get them by when it is only the fact they are being asked, but it becomes more cumbersome and drains brain power when they must know their math facts in larger problems (story problems, long divisions, etc.) To help a child be more successful in Math it is important to give struggling students a solid foundation of their math facts and improve their efficiency.

Addition Math Facts

December 18, 2009

Addition Math Facts

There are 100 facts to learn. Here is how we have broken down this large number to make it more manageable and give the students strategies to remember the facts. Below I have listed the strategy and the number of facts it covers.

Adding with 1 and 2: This takes care of 36 facts

Adding with Zero: This takes care of 15 more facts (for a total of 51 facts)

Doubles: This gives us 7 more facts (for a total of 58 facts)

Compliments of 10: this gives us 4 more facts (for a total of 62)

Doubles Plus 1: This gives us 12 more facts (for a total of 74 facts)

Make a ten: give us 18 more facts (for a total of 92 facts)

8 facts to memorize: 5+3/3+5 ,  6+3/3+6 ,  7+4/4+7 ,  5+7/7+5 (for a total of 100 facts)

Math Fact Practice at Home

December 16, 2009

Go to

Choose your name. Your code is your last name in all small case letters.

You can than choose the test you want to take. We recommend taking the test in order from First Addition Test – Addition Test 10

Also, to use the tens chart computer game click below:

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